Weight Gain/Loss?

<p>Did any of you guys gain or lose a significant amount of weight your freshman year? I somehow lost around 15 lbs (from 160-145) and I was already pretty skinny. I don't really know how either, considering I eat almost nothing but junk. My roommate on the other hand has almost the same routine as I do (he's an engineering major though, not sure if that's pertinent or not, but he works at least twice as much as I do) and has gained close to 15. What are your experiences?</p>

<p>During the semester I always lose weight because I don't find time to eat and I hate fast food. I have terrible time management skills and I always seem to be running late so I never have time to eat well. But I gain the weight back during the summer. lol</p>

<p>Nope, I never lose weight. I maintain my weight cause I need to stay strong just in case anyone tries to step to me.</p>

<p>Lost, weight loss/gain could also be attributed to stress...some forms put it on and some take it off.</p>

<p>During my first semester I gained about 20 lbs, due to my poor choice of food from the dining hall (curse you late night bugers) and going to a cruise for a week where I ate A LOT. When I realized I gained that much weight, I started to eat a little healtier, such as a salad with my meal everyday, more fruits, no juice or soda, and going to the gym once or twice a week (since I never went to the gym before, that was a big improvement). My second semester, I did that until spring break and I lost 15 lbs. After spring break, I stopped going to the gym because I felt lazy and wasnt in the right mindset but I still ate relatively healthy and lost about 3-5 lbs. Now Im back to the weight I was before college which is a good and bad thing because Im still overweight :(</p>

<p>So we're ignoring DreamingBigs dumb comments now? Got it</p>

<p>I went from about 180 all the way down to around 150 in less than a semester. I know, pretty crazy.</p>

<p>I was much more active in college (i was active at home, but more opportunities in college) and ate A LOT less.</p>

<p>Also, big one here, i don't drink</p>

<p>I'm back up to just under 170 and I'm trying to put on muscle.</p>

<p>We'll see, i don't need to ripped to play soccer.</p>

<p>Nope. Still thin as usual. Plus, I attend (and still attend) community college, so I often ate at home.</p>

<p>ive been stuck at 145 for years. ive always worked out but my cardio was lacking. this semester ive started trying to put on as much muscle as possible (for basketball tryouts) while at the same time doing lots of cardio. ive been getting stronger but im the same weight so i guess i was losing some fat which balanced out. this past fall i would get a double double from in n out at midnight several times a week (bad habit...) but i still couldnt gain weight!! :( so i gave up doing that and im still the same..</p>

<p>smithmilk72, you sound like you have my body type. im not sure what we can do other then strength training and eating ALOT. i dont mean junk (eating junk food will ruin my appetite which, while i wont lose weight from not eating meals, ill lose fitness i guess) i mean like lots of pasta and chicken and.. protein lol</p>

<p>also you HAVE to eat breakfast. dont skip breakfast. ur body is fasting all night until you eat your lunch. you need to get up early and get some food in your system so your body doesnt eat itself</p>

<p>I lost 30+ pounds this year... don't know how to explain it.</p>

<p>I lost about 45 pounds, mostly due to Army ROTC workouts in the mornings and eating right. My roommate on the other hand...</p>

<p>I pack on weight like nobody's business if I don't get at least 9 hours of sleep a night.. so I gained a lot of weight in my last couple of years of school, though the first two if anything I lost weight. My thyroid started acting up in the middle somewhere too so that was also a contributor, but I will not lose weight no matter how I eat or work out if I am not sleeping enough.</p>

<p>Yup, I lost 30 lbs this semester, its hard to find time to eat, but its probably because of my thyroid problems</p>

<p>I gained about 10 lbs (more or less) last year just from being lazy and eating whatever I want, but this year I just really lost my appetite for anything so I'll eat 1, maybe 2 meals on a good day, so I've actually lost about 15 pounds, even though I still am horrible at restricting food to myself haha. And I try to eat more, but I get uncomfortably full, and working out just makes me less hungry, instead of more.</p>

<p>Uhm, although I'd rather not talk about this: +20 first year. FML.</p>

<p>I lose weight pretty fast though, so I am not AS worried. Summer '11 = Gym.</p>

<p>I lost weight freshman and sophomore years. It wasn't until junior year when I started living off campus (which meant mostly driving instead of walking) that I started to pile on weight (about 20 lbs), partially from diet, partially from lack of exercise, and partially from being on a medication that increases my appetite. But now that it's summer I've been going to the gym every day and I've managed to drop 3 pounds already this summer, so I'm losing the weight pretty easily without even really dieting.</p>