Weight Loss Buddy Check In

Goal -25
Down 2
Exercise yesterday - 1 hour of dancing
Calories - way too many - I didn’t eat that much but a yesterday’s recipe club was 80% desserts

Goal -15
Down 3
Exercise yesterday–5 moderate to strenuous hiking miles

Goal 25
Down 2.5
Exercise 1.5 hours at the gym - half hour elliptical the rest weights and machines and then a good hour of gardening later in the day
Calories 1360 - which included close to half a bottle of wine

Goal -15
Progress down 4 1/2 since I started tracking again
Aiming for 1200 calories today so far on track just have dinner to go and I know what I’m having. That S my calorie goal regardless of exercise. I don’t add in extra
50 minutes of Nia dance
35 minutes on the stationary bike with sprint intervals
4 reps of 12 on an upper body machine
15 triceps push ups goal is to increase
20 step up and balances on a low wall

Goal: -30
Down: 2
Daily exercise options: stationary bike, weight machines, walk outdoors, bike outdoors
WI day: Friday
Eating strategy: WW

Goal -25
Down 4
Exercise - all I did yesterday was walk around a house measuring for 4 hours - and up and down the very long driveway!
Calories - around 1200 ended up eating a little bit of leftover squash/walnut salad (yogurt dressing) and a tiny bit of regular salad and a lot of water for lunch. Dinner was about 3 oz of lamb, sauteed mushrooms, more of the squash salad and a regular salad.

Goal -10
Down 2
Exercise-short run and lots of walking yesterday
Calories-a lot; stuck in airport waiting for very late flight

Goal -15
Down 3.25
Exercise- 15 minutes of Kettleball

Goal -15
Down 4 1/2
Exercise- 50 minute strength class with stability ball and weights
45 minutes on stationary bike with sprint intervals
24 reps on an upper body weight machine
10 step ups (knees bothering me today)
14 triceps push ups
Goal 1200 calories actual about 1300. Breakfast I only had one egg hard boiled and it wasn’t enough so mid morning I had a cashew butter Macro Bar which was I think 250 calories
Need to think out the breakfast plans ahead of time

Goal: 30
1st day back from work conference in New Orleans
Exercise: 35 minutes of treadmill
loss: .7

goal -25
Down 4.5
Exercise 15-20 minutes mostly kettle ball and 15 pound weights, two sets of 10 pushups, a little time on the bike

Goal -15
Down 4
Exercise 35 minute walk
calories 1300

First Goal - 182 pounds
Second Goal - 128 pounds
Original Weight - Around 247 pounds
Down so far - 23.5 pounds
Exercise - Treadmill for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week
Calories - 1600

Goal - 45.

Down - 9.5.

Exercise - 40 minutes run/walk and then an hour-long workout class at my gym. I must have lost two pounds in sweat! 70 and humid at 9 am - warm for Maine!

Goal -10 to start

Beginning today

Exercise - 20 minutes light aerobics on the Wii Fit and an hour scrambling around in the pool scrubbing off algae. Lots of balance and arm work!

Goal -15
Loss 3
Calories 1550
exercise-elliptical with bursts 35 minutes and hand weights 5 minutes

Goal -15
Loss - 3
Calories yesterday - I’m sure they were horrific, but it would be hard to count as it included a wine dinner. (6 wines generous pours)
exercise - 3 mile walk, 1 set of kettle ball swings, squats,and rows

I am figuring out how and when to report here. Weight wise, once a week, but I can post activities and eating daily.
So for yesterday:

Swam 2500m
Ran 2.0 miles (returning after a knee issue)
Ate pretty well until dinner, then was tired and caught without easy options, so overdid the cookies. This shows I need to have a plan, especially for dinner. If I am alone in the evening, I will make bad choices without a plan.

Goal 10 lbs
Loss ( waiting for new scale)
Walked about 3 miles yesterday ( and it was hot)
Upper body weights

Swam 2700m

Same mistake with too many cookies. I had a plan, but a small household crisis (resolved) destroyed my plan. I figure I am standing pat but not losing weight the last few days.