Weight Loss Buddy Check In

Goal: -15
7/4: 1181 calories
Exercise: 30 minutes steep hill walk

Okay, I’m in. I’ve lost 52 lbs since Dec 1 and I want to lose another 20. I’m the one who believes calories matter. Healthy food matters more for health, but I do believe you could eat too much on any plan. At least I could. So I need to make myself accountable and when you log your food in general people tend to lose more.

Romani - prednisone is the medicine of the devil. I had to take it for a long time when I was recovering from surgery. I never felt worse in my life.

For those that don’t like to cook - do you have an instant pot? You can make hard boiled eggs in 6 minutes and steel cut oatmeal in 3. You literally don’t have to watch anything. I just toss it in and go.

I follow south beach diet - lean proteins, veggies out the wazoo, cut out sugar, processed foods and for the most part anything white - flour, sugar, potatoes. I literally cried day 3. I was so addicted to carbs it was miserable. But after that I really did stop craving the junk. What I still struggle with is sugar, not having a teaspoon in coffee, but how it’s in everything. So my goal is to eat as close to natural as possible.

I stick to 1500 calories a day “ish” - steel cut oatmeal with berries or eggs with chicken sausage, salad with chicken, or half a sandwich on a ww high fiber bread with fruit - apple, cherries, mango, etc. I have a bunch of south beach diet cookbooks that are all really good, and you can have dinner on the table in under 30 minutes. For snacks I have nuts - I measure them out, cheese sticks, yogurt.

For exercise - I have an indoor spin bike. On Mondays and Fridays I do a 30 minute hiit. On Tuesdays I do a light bike warm up and strength training, on Wednesdays I do a 45 minute class that will have climbs or something like that, on Thursdays is a more intensive weight day. So I exercise 5 days a week, take off the weekends to recover. I also try and golf 1 - 2 times a week, which I consider an activity, not an exercise and I do shoot for 10k steps a day.

All that to say - today I did a 45 minute spin class and I played golf. I ate oatmeal with berries, turkey with avocado for lunch, and nuts for a snack and I’m not sure yet about dinner.

I’m in.

Since late January I’ve lost 24.4 pounds and would realistically like to lose 44 more. I could stand to lose even more than that, but I’m not setting that as my goal. Since January, I have been taking a 3x/week exercise class with one day all cardio, one day all weights and one day mixed. I also walk my dog 5x/week but not far and not terribly quickly. Still, it’s something.

I am using myfitnesspal. I do better when I count calories. I know it would be better if I simply ate “intuitively,” but I need the accountability. The main food changes I’ve made is less fast food and fewer desserts. I love sweets. I try to limit to 1,200 calories a day and not count calories “earned” as calories I get to eat … I just try to stay in the range.

Goal- lose the 15 lbs I gained back
Track my exercise and calories on MyFitnessPal
Exercise- I’ve been out of town and Monday was my first day back exercising. I walked a ton on my trip and came home the same weight I left despite lots of carb heavy meals
An exercise goal is to change up my routine and add in some new things. Until 6 months ago I mainly walked. In January I committed to trying new things and joined the YMCA. I go to Nia dance once or twice a week. I do a strength training class twice a week. I also ride the stationary bike 3 days a week for about an hour.
Yesterday I invited my intense fitness fiend D to the gym with me. She showed me how to work a few machines and gave me some exercises to add to my routine. So my new goal will be to add some of those suggestions to my routine when I go to the gym.
This weeks immediate goal is to try not to eat any bread between now and a wedding I am a guest at on Saturday. My dress will look much better if I’m not bloated.

Goal 10 lbs

Exercise - Walked 6.7 miles with friends today

Diet - cutting those carbs, watching glycemic load, limiting summer fruits

Weighed 160.6 today. Started Jan. 12th at 194.
Goal is 145 lbs by Sept.
Walked 8.3 miles today (morning and evening walk)

My day was pretty good until my sister dropped off a box of taffy! I ate quite a few but looked up the calories and was able to stop eating them.
Thank goodness now I have to get them out of the house! Lol

@eyemamom Great job! I think spin classes are the best combo of fun and a great workout. Unfortunately I don’t have access to one right now.

I don’t go for any diet other than lean meats and veggies. Rice and bread in moderation.
Need to get form two days exercise per week to five. AZ heat has killed my running regimen.


  • 15 lbs
  • 3 days running plus weight training
  • 2 days stationary bike plus abs

Away from home so can’t weigh in. I will guess 146. Would like to -10.
Yesterday was a mixed bag.

Swam for an hour. A plus!
Peanut butter on pita for breakfast—this is a plus because even though the schedule was sliding out of control, I ate something for breakfast.
Cheese sandwich and a salad for lunch. This was done on the fly, so also okay.(Could have been worse)
Dinner was a minus. I was cooking for an event in an unequipped, away from home kitchen. Ugh. Stressful. I made a veggie dish (yay) and a dessert (won’t say boo because it was delicious and a triumph of creative cooking). The big minus was that we never ate dinner. We got busy and time got away from us. I was famished and so nibbled while cooking and I ate more chocolate chips than carrots.

Not the best start, but this day did represent what is right and wrong with my eating life. I love to exercise and have no problem fitting it in, but I also love to eat. I also have a tendency to get busy and then build up a voracious appetite which I let loose on whatever is around.

There is a post "do you want to be my weight loss Buddy? that you all probably want to go to.
I started this just thinking it would be a place for a daily report with no commentary as I did the first post.
It seems I goofed so please all head out there!

Goal: -25
Progress: -3 (in two days - pretty sure a had some anomoly left over from July 4 eating)
7/5 and 7/6: around 1300 calories each day
Exercise: 15 minutes in basement gym, plus a 15 minute walk on 7/5

I’m down about 6 lbs since I got serious about tracking my eating about 5 weeks ago. In that time I traveled for two weeks and ate a lot but walked and came home the same as what I left at.
If I don’t eat out I can easily stick to 1200 calories without feeling hungry or deprived.
My breakfast of late is two hard boiled eggs minus the yolk. I don’t like cooked yolk so the dog gets lucky. On days I don’t cook them enough I eat the yolk.
Things that I find help keep me full and satisfied. French lentils made into some sort of salad. Bits of feta or goat cheese. Raw almonds, sweet potato in moderation. I also like to put chia seeds on my plain yogurt which I think helps me feel full.
Keeping up my exercise routine.
Yesterday challenge was running into a friend and going for an iced tea. She was hungry and I was slightly hungry. I had a small pack of almonds in my purse so resisted the urge to buy something. I had a rehearsal dinner for a friend last night. My only splurge was a 1/2 glass of wine and a small slice of the garlic bread. Wedding is tomorrow and I know it’s Mexican food so I am going to try to eat carefully today.

Day 2
Goal -15
progress -2.5
calories 1200
exercise- 35 minute elliptical with bursts

Day 3
Goal -15
progress -1 with 1.5 return
calories yesterday 1550
exercise - 15 strenuous Kettlebell
14 left

Day 3 ( made myself walk because of accountability here )
Goal 10 lbs

2.2 mile walked faster than usual and did some extra exercises along the walk at benches
Diet- watching sugar carbs, ( don’t know how to count calories)
Water intake - I put water in pitcher equal to 6 glasses and came up way way way short, need to be better with this

^ I was always coming up way short on my water consumption. As stupid as it sounds, once I switched to a bright green contigo bottle, I got much better on the water intake. I think just walking by it, seeing the green bottle on the counter all day long triggers me to grab it. A normal water glass I could walk by 10 times without picking it up…

Getting for a party day.
Cleaned and cooked and prepped all day so on my feet and bending and stretching.
Three decent meals and though I ate shwarma for lunch, had it with salad and cabbage and skipped the fries.
For dinner stayed with the watermelon and veggie salads, but did try a bite of my cobbled together dessert.

Resisted the urge to polish off the leftover cheeses and desserts.

Day for report:
Goal -15
Progress -1
calories 1300
exercise 35 elliptical with burst
5 minutes hand weights.

weigh in today: same -1 no change

Goal: -17
Progress: -8.8 (since 4/18)
calories/diet: following Weight Watchers so I don’t know calories-roughly 30 points/day
exercise: 60 minute spin at high intensity (allegedly 582 calories burned)

Goal: -30
Progress: -11 (since 6/7)
Calories: 1200 yesterday
Exercise: only 4K steps, need to improve there

@gosmom thanks for the green bottle tip!
Added sliced lime to water and drank more. ( still half of what is suggested)

Day 4
Exercise - didn’t happen unless walking Costco counts.
Diet- on track. Careful about Costco sampling. Had prosecco at beach- only one glass :wink:
( capris felt looser today )

Down 1.5
Exercise yesterday 4 mile walk not strenuous
Calories 1330
This was 5 completed days