weighted or unweighted gpa

<p>Which one do colleges care about?
At my current school, I would probably be rank 2 and have like 15 AP courses. Here, I would have a high weighted and unweighted gpa.
However, I also got into this school that is far more rigorous. My weighted gpa would likely dip below 4.0 there... And you need to have very tough prerequisites to get into AP classes. So , there both GPAs would be lower. But this school is much more prestigious and known for its rigor.
So, which one would be the better choice?
(Now that I finished the post, I see the title as somewhat irrelevant)
Thanks anyway!</p>

<p>You should report your GPA the same way your school will report it. Some colleges will "un-weight it" for their own comparison purposes, but will still give you credit for having taken the APs, etc.
They will also see your hs profile so they will know how rigorous the grading scale and competition are.</p>