Weighted or Unweighted???


<p>Does Harvard have any preference as to the two gpa's, weighted and unweighted? Does it only consider the weighted, or only the unweighted? Or does it look at both and prefer one over the other? I really need to know the answer to this because it is very important to my application! Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>I also wanted to add....i have a 3.8333 gpa unweighted and a 4.1 weighted...i also took the hardest courses offered in my school early on including ap physics freshman year....would a 4.1 with these hard courses suffice because i am counting on really good ec's which i have been building up like a trip to a different country to help build a school and piano for 10 years with a recording and hopefully starting up a sweet comedy club where we will perform live and proally send in a video of this too to Harvard.... and around a 2350 SAT score ...would this give me a fair chance??</p>

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