Weighted/unweighted gpa

<p>Does BU use the weighted gpa? Also, does it use freshman year grades to calculate gpa?</p>

<p>I believe that it is the unweighted GPA that BU would look at. However, they will see exactly which classes you took and will scale their analysis of your unweighted GPA accordingly. Many schools use many different weighted scales, some on a 5 or 6 point scale. This makes it more feasible to use the standard 4 point unweighted scale for a base of reference. But, like I said, don't worry. All Honors and AP's are taken into account when reviewing the GPA. Keep in mind, I am not speaking out of certainty, only presumption.</p>

<p>yeah the admissions office calculates their own GPA however they do it taking into account the various classes each applicant has taken and at what level to then compare easily with other applicants. The only thing they can really get out of your HS version of the GPA is that they can compare that to the average GPA at your school and superficial stuff like that.</p>

<p>Thanks, what about 9th grade? Do they take that into account?</p>

<p>they take all four years into account...as almost all schools do.</p>

<p>well, i know princeton doesn't take into account freshman year, so elizabethh's question wasn't totally in left field :P</p>

<p>Sure, they will see it and will take it into account, but I'm sure that the later years carry far greater weight. If you have a solid upward trend and high grades over the final 3 years, you shouldn't have a problem with a few freshman mistakes.</p>

<p>I'll agree with my fellow devil's fan ;-)</p>