Weighted vs Unweighted GPA

<p>I have a few questions regarding unweighted and weighted gpa's. At my high school, the weighted gpa is out of 5 (and some people get above this). Is this how most schools are for weighted gpa's? Also, the average incoming freshman class is a 4.0 weighted gpa? So that is basically a B average (unweighted)? Thanks a lot for your help.</p>

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<p>Many schools have differing weights. I would assume that you want at least a 3.3+ (unweighted) with decent SATs to have a chance at admission. Since each year it gets harder to get into Miami, you might even need as much as a 3.5 for this year.</p>

<p>I am only taking the ACT's is that fine? BTW, I am a junior as of now, so advice would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Most schools in the US base their grades on a 4 point scale, not a 5 point scale like your school. So when you see average weighted is just above 4., that is because most kids are reporting GPA's based on the 4. scale. So a 3.3 unweighted is a solid b+ average. Just blow out your ACT or SAT scores and get as high as you can class rank wise and you be fine.</p>

<p>As for only taking the SAT's...... My S got a much higher score on his ACT's than SAT's, so we asked the admissions counselor from UM if we could just submit the ACT score. She said it doesn't look good if you omit the SAT's, so we submitted both. He got in ED.</p>

<p>Before deciding not to take the SAT's you should speak to an admissions counselor at UM and any other school you are aplying to.
Good Luck!</p>

<p>Yeah, we have a representative from the university of miami coming to our school. I guess the u likes are high school.</p>

<p>JDM at our school we get the weighted and unweighted gpa. We basically decide which one is better. I have an A weighted gpa and a really low a-/b+ unweighted because I am in very hard classes.</p>