Weinstein dorm?

<p>I just got assigned to a double in Weinstein. I was wondering about the general size of the rooms, closet space, windows, etc. If anyone can give me any info, that would be great!</p>

<p>NYU is just so generous to give us all that information about the floor plans and measurements...<em>cough</em></p>

<p>This should help:</p>

<p>West</a> Village | WSN Housing Guide 2010 | nyunews.com</p>

<p>your welcome :)</p>

I just spoke to someone at Weinstein on the phone and she said that the rooms are approximately 12'x12'. Trivia: toilet paper and bags for garbage are available for students. There appear to be two closets per room. There should be 2 garbage cans for students, so you'd need one for the bathroom. She said it's ok to put up hooks for towels that have adhesive backs on them. She also said that risers from Bed Bath and Beyond work on the beds if you want under-the-bed storage space.</p>