Weird email from Exeter

Received an email from Exeter admission today at 5pm saying-

“Your admission application is now complete! As the application deadline has passed, this unfortunately means that we will be unable to provide you with an admission decision on March 10. We may be able to review your application after April 10. Please understand that our ability to admit late applicants will be dependent on our enrollment at that time. Please contact the admissions office at…”

The thing is that the application was submitted before the deadline and we actually received a confirmation email at that time.

Wondering if anyone has heard of this before?

we all got it

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Is it because we are in the rejected pool, or just a system glitch?

system glitch.

It is definitely a glitch though the timing is very unfortunate but everyone who applied appears to have received the email.

Timing was very unfortunate but thankfully it was a mistake.

Thanks everyone.

Wow I was so scared that I sent them an email the minute I received it.

I received that too and I sent an email to them as well. Just curious for the friends who said it does not mean rejection, how did you know? Could they only send to the rejected person or everyone gets it?

No, I think that they have just typed our admission decisions into the system. The algorithm interpreted it as a finished application and sent the usual email. idk if that makes sense

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But still it says you couldn’t get a decision on M10, that’s the weird part. Anyway, saw more people in the Freak Out thread said that it is a glitch, so probably is. Someone there said he contacted the Dean and the Dean replied saying it is a glitch. But if that’s the case, why they didn’t send out an Apologize email to let everyone know that this email was a mistake? I kind of feeling negative towards the school of having such failure.

just received exeter’s email regarding the glitch. confirmed i will receive a decision.

Yes, I received an email from them saying it was a glitch too, so all good. Really caused some heart attack among many of us …

My daughter got the same email and then about an hour and 20 minutes later the second email saying they had made a mistake and that she will receive a decision on M10. I knew it was a mistake, but was stressed about having to clear it up.