weird FA stuff

<p>I just got a letter from Cornell. Although it came in a big envelop, there is only a letter in there...</p>

<p>at least that's what i got....the envelop wasn't sealed when i got it......</p>

<p>it says something like they will send the FA notification to me ASAP, and if FA is an important factor, they recommend that I wait to accept Cornell's offer until I have received ED...</p>

<p>eh.. My question is, did anyone receive similar thing.... since the envelop wasn't sealed...... is there only a piece of paper in it?? also..... should i wait for my notice b4 i send in the deposit slip? i mean.. what good is that going to do? since it will be too late for me to apply to other colleges (guidance and teachers refused to write more recs and fill out more forms and send out transcripts....) am i doomed......</p>

<p>On monday I received a letter from he Financial Office notifying me that they had received all my financial materials and were currently processing my applicatiion. There was one sheet of paper and my envelope was sealed. They also encouraged me to wait till i have received more informatin fom them. </p>

<p>so no you're not doomed. but if you are im doomed wih you</p>

<p>^^^haha dude i got the same thing when i was applying as a spring transfer..mine wasn't sealed either...about 2 weeks later i received an acceptance letter</p>

<p>I got the same thing, but it was sealed. Just one piece of paper for such a huge envelope....</p>

<p>phew, that made me feel better -o- i know.. what a waste of postage..</p>

<p>-__- give me my FA stuff soon people T-T</p>

<p>aghhh I just got my financial aid package estimate today...</p>

<p>not good...not good at all...</p>

<p>what....that's not a good sign T-T...</p>

<p>yeah..i got that letter about a week ago? and then i got my FA stuff today. Mostly loans. -__-</p>

<p>then i guess i really should look into scholarships and stuff online : (</p>

<p>dude. i looked at it again...other than loans, it was work study. the "grant" was like....nothing. my parents were NOT pleased considering i have a sister in college too. -___- lame. any body have tips on negotiating when i don't have any "new" info to send in? thanks!!</p>

<p>I was reading the package and it also said that if I get any outside awards, my financial aid package will be ADJUSTED. WTHE heckk does that mean??? So like...if I get $5,000 from an outside source, $5,000 will get deducted from my grants or something??</p>

<p>5,000 will be deducted from you loans, then workstudy,and eventually your grant. You are essentially paying the same amount, just without loans and workstudy.</p>

<p>yousonofatree and password:
What is you situation at home? Are your parents married? Income? etc</p>