Weird fluke ACT score thing

<p>ok - i just got my ACT score back and i made a 30. That's all swell except I already made a 33 the month before. AND - i already had the 30 sent to duke and u richmond and some others....will this screw me over? can i somehow unsend it at this point to these schools? if i can't - will it affect admissions or do they REALLY only take the highest score?</p>

<p>I know what you're going through. I got a 31 as a junior and decided to take the oct. test. Well, on the practice I got a 33 but when I took the real one I did really bad. I don't know what exactly the score is because I don't have a credit card to look on-line but I am sure I did worse than my first score. The reason I am so annoyed with myself is I had not sent 31 to the colleges I am now applying to because a year ago I had a totally different group of schools that I was going to apply to. However, I marked on the test to send my act scores to williams, macalester and all the schools I really want to get into. Now they will prob get the crap score. I hope they REALLY do use the highest score....</p>

<p>Good luck with your college apps!</p>

<p>I think ACT only sends the scores you requested, not all the scores to date (SAT is does the opposite). If you want your earlier scores to count, you can send only those.</p>

<p>From the website,
" We report ONLY the scores from the test date you authorize, not any other test scores."</p>

<p>Be sure you have sent the scores you want them to see!</p>

<p>They take the highest test scores.</p>

<p>Wow now I feel like crap. I only got a 30 and I was happy about THAT.</p>

<p>Pie... the same thing happened to me.... I got 5 points lower on science than the June test</p>