Weird News: Prof Arrested for Peeing on Colleague's Door

<p>Some people take their math VERY seriously:</p>

Prosecutors charged 43-year-old Tihomir Petrov, a math professor at California State University, Northridge, with two misdemeanor counts of urinating in a public place... Investigators say a dispute between Petrov and another math professor was the motive.


<p>Professor</a> charged with peeing on colleague's door</p>

<p>Apparently, the "streaming video" hasn't hit the Web yet.
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<p>I’m guessing that as a student, this prof was considered a “math whiz” by his teachers.</p>

<p>Someone, stop me, please…</p>

<p>I guess Petrov was really, ehem, p’ed off :cool:</p>

<p>too bad I can’t say the actual word</p>

<p>I think I saw this on wiki-Leaks…</p>

<p>Better to be p*<strong><em>-off than p</em></strong>** on…</p>

<p>I heard he really had a great sense of humor, a real p*sser!</p>

<p>Very funny. He must be very into math.</p>

<p>He should be eliminated.</p>

<p>I wonder if he “passed” courses other than math :-)</p>

<p>very pithy comments</p>

<p>Those not exposed to true higher level math do not understand the deep significance this has for mathematics. This professor’s actions may seem strange, but we mathematicians know that he is advancing higher math into the future!</p>

<p>Sounds like a straight shot to embarrassment and court!</p>

<p>“Urine big trouble, Professor.”</p>

<p>I wonder how you pronounce his last name.
Pee trov?</p>

<p>More than a math whiz, he sounds like a pee-brain…</p>

<p>I guess he wanted to give the other guy a pee-ce of his mind…</p>

<p>He definitely should be submitted to a pee-r review and pee-nalized for what he’s done.</p>

<p>There’s an old joke that nothing is as vicious as academic politics, because nothing else matters so little …</p>

<p>May be he is just trying to mark his territory like a Lion does. Way to go Man!</p>

<p>Probably a Harvard alum - peeing on the statue of John Harvard is a rite of passage there for freshman males.</p>

<p>Bet the Harvard maintenance staff loves that tradition…</p>



<p>win!!! Hahahah</p>

<p>this is awesome!</p>