Weird phone call: What should I do?

<p>Ok guys I have a little problem and I am not sure what to do.</p>

<p>Here is what happened. While doing HW tonight in my dorm, I got a weird phone call(number withheld). I dont understand what he was saying(half mexican half english and crappy cellphone reception). So I hung up. He called me again now and started cussing; at first I thought this might be a prank call from a guy from highschool since I had a friend who loved to do that to me so I was like "ok if this is Henry, Im gonna kick your ass" then he started to cuss more or something, and I was like I don't understand you and you got the wrong number. Then he called me a mother*<strong><em>er in spanish(my roommate is quite good at spanish) and I replied by telling him "dont freaken call me a mother</em></strong><em>er". Now Im pretty </em><strong>ed and I just shut the phone off. Then he called me again and started to call me white trash and white *</strong> and how he was gonna **** me up but this time he didn't withheld his number. I told him to stop calling me in a calm voice and told him he got the wrong number and he just kept cussing at me. So I hung up, and he called me again and done the same thing. I hung up. I saw his area code. He comes from San Jose which is where I am from. He called me two time after that and everytime I picked up the call just ended. He doesnt really know me(since he called me white and Im asian). What do you guys think I thould do? Ignore it?</p>

<p>of course ignore it. i wouldnt have picked up after the first time</p>

<p>Reverse telephone lookup.</p>