Weird question - Top uni with a strong opera culture?


<p>I'm totally in love with opera, and it's kind of the best thing in my life.</p>

<p>I'm wondering which top school has a strong operatic scene? I don't mean everyone on campus absolutely goes to the opera every weekend, I just want a place where there is opera regularly discussed and recognized around campus, and a group of friends can get together, discuss the Met's (and I mean MetOpera of New York, not New York Met :D) selection for their new 2011 season, have a trip to the local theatre every other weekend, etc.</p>

<p>I go to a high school where I am the only person that knows anything about opera (staff included, music teacher included lol). I really wanna get away from this since opera is my life and I'd like to be surrounded by people who appreciate the artform like I do. It is really frustrating for me, to be surrounded by so many people but having no one to share your life's greatest passion with.</p>

<p>I understand Yale has an operatic ensemble, and so do a few other Ivies?</p>

<p>Cornell for one I don't think has any opera club.</p>

<p>Add to that:</p>

<p>I do see myself working for an opera company in the end - but not as an artist but in a managerial position.</p>

<p>I'm not looking for undergraduate operatic instruction, operatic appreciation I would definitely love, but performance is not for me. Sure I love to sing and I sing for hours everyday. But the thing is I'm not good at it! xD I'm looking for a solid liberal arts education in a social atmosphere where I can express what I truly love in life.</p>

<p>ANy suggestions guys? :)</p>

<p>University of Michigan, Indiana, Northwestern, Rice</p>

<p>Perhaps Oberlin or St. Olaf?</p>

<p>University of Cincinnati and Oklahoma City University have very extensive voice programs which are very rich in opera. What can your parents afford for school since those (and other recommendations) are probably out of state? What is your state for some in-state recommendations?</p>

<p>The School of Music at Indiana University is a peer of top conservatories such as Juilliard. They put on eight fully-staged operas per year. I believe that it is the most opera-intensive collegiate environment in the country.</p>

<p>Otherwise, there are top universities that also have conservatory-level music school or affiliated conservatories. In addition to Michigan, NW, Rice, and Oberlin (listed above), you may want to look at Johns Hopkins (Peabody Institute), Carnegie Mellon, and the U. of Rochester (Eastman School).</p>


<p>Thanks for your replies, I'm international and can afford probably 20k at max per year, so I'll really need aid.</p>

<p>Sorry if I didn't make it clear enough, but I'm looking to major in something like economics, creative writing, history, classics, certainly not vocal studies. It is something I love but I'm really not good at it! xD</p>

<p>And whoa, 80 performances, or 80 productions per year at Indiana Uni? If it does 80 productions per year it'd be the most active opera company in the world :D</p>

<p>^^^ It used to be eight per year at Indiana - four per semester. But now it appears that it may be down to six:
Opera</a> & Ballet Theater 2009 - 2010 season : IU Jacobs School of Music</p>

<p>Oh eight, lol how did I misread it to eighty xD</p>

<p>And whoa, they can get a student to sing Lucia? That's amazing :D</p>

<p>Johns Hopkins. That's where I developed my love for opera. Take a look. Opera</a> at Peabody | Philosophy Also, because the campus is so close to Amtrak's northeast corridor (a university shuttle takes you right to the train station)--New York, Washington, Philadelphia and Boston are easily accessible.</p>

<p>I would imagine Columbia, since it is in NYC, will have students interested in the Met Opera. There might even be internship opportunities available.</p>

<p>I believe very few schools give aid to internationals. Even SUNY schools, among relative bargains for colleges, cost $25K or more (SUNY Stony Brook would just be a train ride away from Manhattan).</p>

<p>There's a guy who's posted on here and who I've talked to that had to make a huge decision between some music conservatory-type school for Opera and Yale, and ended up choosing Yale. Maybe he'll find this thread, but I think the big thing that made going to Yale easier for him was an abundance of performance opportunities in all sorts of genres, including Opera.</p>

<p>"The School of Music at Indiana University is a peer of top conservatories such as Juilliard. They put on eight fully-staged operas per year. I believe that it is the most opera-intensive collegiate environment in the country."</p>

<p>With all due respect to IU's school of music, IU is NOT a top university academically. Michigan is top music school and a top academic one as well.</p>

<p>With all due respect to UMich, IU is better musically.</p>

<p>Let me put it this way:</p>

<p>IU and Michigan are pretty close in the music departments.
Michigan is way better than IU academically overall. It's really not even close.</p>

<p>The OP is looking for a top school. IU does not qualify.</p>

<p>Furthermore, the OP is looking at top schools where opera might have a forum or club for discussion. I doubt he/she is looking to major in voice.</p>

That is correct, thankyou, I'm looking for a normal Arts and Sciences/LAC kind of education, I am just looking for a community where opera is recognized. I shall look over all of your suggestions, thanks again :)</p>

<p>And yeah, a vocal career is out of my choices, I just don't have the talent, although something like a minor in music history sounds great!</p>

<p>To Skittsie, yes I would agree too that the proximity to the Met and its program with Julliard would mean lots of opportunities to appreciate opera at Columbia. Can anyone confirm this?</p>