weird things you say

<p>What are some of the weird phrases either you say or people you hang out with say?</p>

<p>For me:
Como se what? = What?
Sersly? = Seriously?
Queird = Queer + Weird</p>

<p>More better</p>

<p>i add -zie unneccesarily to the end of words and say them in a really higih pitched voice. people love that.</p>


<p>i'm kind of retarded.</p>

<p>"****, u stupid poptart" thats about the most weirdest things i say...your mom goes to college.</p>

<p>i say "twat"...u should try it..."u stupid twat"</p>

<p>shut up, u stupid poptart-twat</p>

<p>I don't really say anything weird, but I am fond of evil laughs...don't ask me why...</p>


<p>But I prefer to only do them with my family, instead of in public... :(</p>

<p>Also, I say "Whaaa?" a lot (I think I picked it up from watching too many episodes of Jon Stewart on the Daily Show).</p>

<p>And I say "Oh, nice..." and "Sweet!" a lot, even though that's like, so old or whatever. :)</p>

<p>I'm very weird, I know. My family and friends don't mind, though, so what do I care?</p>


<p>We say it so naturally now too..</p>

<p>confuzzled (confused and puzzled)
short bus (stupid)
bad juju (not a good thing)
moo juice (milk)
quotes from Finding Nemo</p>

<p>'You're a whatnow?'
Your Ma!!
Wakey-wakey juice (any caffeinated beverage)

<p>Lol, i say confuzzled too! It never occured to me that it contained some puzzledness in it.</p>

<p>I say "funy" also. </p>

<p>Some others:

<p>I use confuzzled all the time! I think that word will appear in a dictionary some day.</p>

<p>"Jesus is in the hizzouse." referring to myself.</p>

<p>OH yea "chillax". You cant forget that.</p>

<p>"lawl" (basically a l33tified-ish version of lol)
"omg<strong><em>bbq" (funnier version of omg</em></strong>)
"a likely story"(always like saying this, esp when bein a smartass)</p>

<p>Whenever there's an awkward silence, I say "word"</p>

<p>Or "meh"</p>

<p>lol i also say confuzzeled</p>

<p>fantabulous = fantastic+fabulous
fantasticles = fantastic + testicles
moo talk = cow's opinion = stuff that don't matter (derived from Joey from Friends)</p>

<p>I just say really random things. I don't really have a repetitive phrase that's weird. Oh wait I say "grassy-ass" for a badly pronounced Spanish thank-you. That's really about it.</p>


heh, that sounds pretty funny</p>