Weirdest Event In Your Life

<p>What is the weirdest/freakiest thing thats ever happened to you? Anything that you can't seem to explain?</p>

<p>Ok well these aren't really weird things, but unexpected things that have happened.</p>

<p>1) Making the cheerleading team..even though I turned the wrong way at the end of my routine..hehe...well I did not stay the wrong way..I played it off and turned around. ^<em>^
2) Getting nominated for all-american even though it was my first year and people who had been on the squad 2 years hadn't even been nominated.
3) In middle school a guy told me that he liked me in 8th grade, who I kinda thought did, but was revealed when we were playing this game. hehe
4) Getting an A the first two semester of chem.
5) My best friend in middle school's mom died of cancer and she showed know signs of it when I was around...she didn't tell me either. One of the cheerleader's mom told my mom.
6) Actually being glad that I chose to go to the highschool that I chose to go to.
7) My dad revealing that he went to school with Will Chamberlein and the globtrotters..and muhammad ali ^</em>^, that he got a full scholarship to Berkeley, and that he was really good in all these certain sports..boxing, xc, baseball, etc.</p>

<li>When I saw ghosts (multple times)</li>
<li>When a dude in Africa asked me if I wanted to have sex with him for money. I was 12.</li>
<li>When I ***** slapped this boy for making fun of me and I got him in check for the REST OF OUR WHOLE MIDDLE SCHOOL CAREER. Its weird, but still sweet.</li>
<li>When I was in a state of vertigo during school. I ended up late for class. I didn't know anything. I eventually went to sleep in the nurses office</li>
<li>When my daddy made me go to school, even when I was throwing up every 5 minutes. He made me carry a grcoery bag to vomit in. He eventually had to come pick me up. That bastard... And I never thought about how embarassing carring a bag of barf around was until just now... damn you, daddy! >:/</li>
<li>When my mom was "whooping me" and I fell out of breathe. She wasn't even sorry. Sometimes I really wish I did die. She's a freakin' nightmare.</li>
<li>WHen I won some award at school. I thought it was a joke, because I didn't think anyone liked me enough to vote</li>
<li>I swear, I used to hear voices in my head when I was younger. It was weird. It was crazy. </li>
<li>When I heard screaming and beating outside my window one night. I wish I had looked out to see *** was going on.</li>

1. When I saw ghosts (multple times)


:s noooooooooooooooo you just totally freaked me out!!. i'm about to go to sleep soon!!</p>

<p>Ok burnsk8er I just re-read rest of your weird events and they are quite creepy and disturbing..</p>

<p>Definitely when I switched from being ultra conservative to ultra liberal.</p>