Welcome Convocation and Dinner

<p>I was just wondering if anyone knew (or remember from last year) when the welcome convocation and dinner ends. I will only be in San Diego for orientation (warren's) and my flight is at 745pm that night. I was wondering when dinner ended so I can decide whether or not I should stay for the dinner.</p>

<p>Anyone know?</p>

<p>it probably won't be that late b/c the dance starts at 8pm and i don't think they would overlap</p>

<p>It ends at 7. Check out welcomeweek.ucsd.edu for details about times and stuff.</p>

<p>I could only find the start times on welcome.ucsd.edu but
thanks for replying.
7 is kinda close.. oh well i guess i wont check my bag</p>

<p>2008 Welcome Convocation</p>

<p>RIMAC Field Whole Field
4:30 PM - 7:00 PM</p>

<p>Got it from UCSD</a> Welcome Week 2008</p>

<p>I only saw
UCSD</a> Welcome Week 2008</p>

<p>thanks for finding it</p>