Welcome New College Rep, HofstraRep, from Hofstra University

<p>Please join me in welcoming our newest College Rep, HofstraRep from Hofstra University!</p>

<p>As a reminder, our College Reps are individuals that we have taken reasonable steps to verify as being from the school they represent. (If you find a CC member claiming to be an admissions person at a college and that member isn't flagged as a College Rep, please let us know so that we can verify his/her status.)</p>

<p>As an matter of courtesy to our College Reps (who have real-world jobs and are incredibly busy during the admissions season!), please don't post pleas for help naming the individual (e.g., "Hey HofstraRep - Need Answer ASAP!!!" is what NOT to do - ask your question in a new thread with a clear and specific title, and you'll get input from CC members and, perhaps, from the resident College Rep if he/she has something to contribute.)</p>

<p>Say hello if you like, but please don't ask questions in this thread - start a new one with a relevant title. Thanks!</p>

<p>Welcome Hofstra Rep. My mom attended your grad school and I took courses there many years ago. It was a good school at the time, and I am sure that now it is even better. Good luck in recruiting top students.</p>

<p>Welcome! I hope you help to alert prospective students and their parents to some of Hofstra's unique opportunities such as the New College for Interdisciplinary Studies and the European Odyssey.</p>

<p>Thank you for the welcome. I look forward to participating in these forums and will do my best to answer any of your questions or concerns going forward.</p>

<p>Hi there! What would you say is the average amount of scholarship money given? What sort of factors go into deciding how much to reward to each student?</p>