Welcome New College Rep, MITChris, from MIT

<p>Please join me in welcoming our newest College Rep, MITChris, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology! MIT was one of the earliest and consistently most engaged colleges here at CC, and we are glad to have their latest addition to our community on board.</p>

<p>As a reminder, our College Reps are individuals that we have taken reasonable steps to verify as being from the school they represent. (If you find a CC member claiming to be an admissions person at a college and that member isn't flagged as a College Rep, please let us know so that we can verify his/her status.)</p>

<p>As an matter of courtesy to our College Reps (who have real-world jobs and are incredibly busy during the admissions season!), please don't post pleas for help naming the individual (e.g., "mcgmit - Need Answer ASAP!!!" is what NOT to do - ask your question in a new thread with a clear and specific title, and you'll get input from CC members and, perhaps, from the resident College Rep if he/she has something to contribute.)</p>

<p>Say hello if you like, but please don't ask questions in this thread - start a new one with a relevant title.</p>

<p>Hey MITChris! I'm sure I'll have questions for you someday. Until then... welcome to CC!</p>

<p>Hello, MITChris! You have already been quite helpful.</p>

<p>Welcome to CC, MITChris. I recall reading some of your posts in the MIT forum; they were extremely helpful and insightful. :)</p>

<p>Welcome MITChris!!!!</p>

<p>Hi MitChris</p>

<p>Welcome MITChris to CC!!You were already helpful with your post!!Welcome again!</p>

<p>Hello MITChris!! Thank you and the other admission officers so much for organizing the amazing CPW last weekend. It was so much fun! Also, you were a really great judge during the Battle of the Band (I think it was you who showed up there with the Beaver) - I enjoyed meeting you from afar :).</p>

<p>Welcome to CollegeConfidential!!</p>

<p>Welcome, MITChris, and thanks for all your contributions to CC already.</p>


<p>I think CC is in good hands with you on board! :-)</p>

<p>WELCOME MITChris!!!!!!</p>

<p>I met MITChris at CPW!! he's the man!!!</p>

<p>Welcome MITChris! I'm looking forward to more of your informative, helpful posts</p>

<p>Glad to help!</p>

<p>Hey man, how is it going.</p>