Welcome new College Rep, SMCAdmissions, from St. Michael's College

<p>Please join me in welcoming our newest College Rep, SMCAdmissions from St. Michael's College!</p>

<p>As a reminder, our College Reps are individuals that we have taken reasonable steps to verify as being from the school they represent. (If you find a CC member claiming to be an admissions person at a college and that member isn't flagged as a College Rep, please let us know so that we can verify his/her status.)</p>

<p>As an matter of courtesy to our College Reps (who have real-world jobs and are incredibly busy during the admissions season!), please don't post pleas for help naming the individual (e.g., "SMCAdmissions - Need Answer ASAP!!!" is what NOT to do - ask your question in a new thread with a clear and specific title, and you'll get input from CC members and, perhaps, from the resident College Rep if he/she has something to contribute.)</p>

<p>Say hello if you like, but please don't ask questions in this thread - start a new one with a relevant title.</p>

<p>Thanks Roger for the welcome... although I feel so welcomed already by the fabulous members at CC who have embraced my presence over the past year. I've enjoyed working/chatting with you all and I've been so happy to help out.</p>

<p>As always, I am here to help and answer questions. I usually respond to every thread and generally check this website for new posts that need answering a few times a week.</p>

Mallory Wood
Saint Michael's College</p>

<p>Welcome SMCAdmissions from St. Michael's College!</p>

<p>The son of one of my closest friends graduated from St. Michael's several years ago. My friend and her husband are both alums of nationally renowned colleges, and their daughter graduated magna cum laude from Amherst. But my friend (a former college admission official herself) has become a huge St. Mike's fan. She was extremely impressed by the education her son got there. He was an English major at St. Mike's and is now teaching English at a prep school (where he won a major teaching award this past year) He is also currently studying for a Master's at Wesleyan. </p>

<p>So you can be assured that my friend is helping you recruit ... even if her name isn't on the St. Mike's Web site. ;)</p>




<p>Welcome, Mallory! I'm a fellow Vermonter who has been active on CC for 8 years and so it is nice to see someone else from VT, as well as a college rep from St. Mike's. </p>

<p>Several excellent students from my community have attended St. Mike's. </p>

<p>I happen to have a fond memory of St. Mike's. Back when one of my daughters was ten years old (she is now 21), she was asked to be in St. Mike's college musical with the students in the theater department as the musical needed one child actor. It was an amazing experience for her at the time to be in a college production. The students treated her so well and made her feel part of the group. This meant a lot to my kid as her ambition and passion was in musical theater (and she is now a professional MT actor). She was even welcome at their cast parties. Later, when they had a campus talent show, some of these students invited her to be part of their act for the talent show and that was so much fun. I was really impressed with these college kids!</p>

<p>Please drop the "I Like St. Mike's" campaign. Saint Michael's College positions itself as an excellent Catholic college, one of the top 100 liberal arts colleges in the country. The cartoon like image seems inconsistent with that message. I question the marketing consultants who may have suggested that this is a way to recruit potential students.</p>