Welcome New Mod - Concerneddad

<p>You know Concerneddad from his many great posts about law school as well as many other topics, now join me in welcoming him as our new Law School Forum moderator!</p>

<p>Thank you Roger, glad to be here.</p>

<p>Welcome Concerneddad. I did like your posts and look forward to many more</p>

<p>Thank you Taxguy, and please continue your valuable contributions.</p>

<p>Hi, ConcernedDad! :) Glad to have you moderating. :)</p>

<p>Thank you ariesathena, I have always enjoyed your posts. Very thoughtful and helpful. I hope your law studies are going well, and you are enjoying the experience. It is so helpful to have a frequent participant like yourself who is in the "middle of the battle."</p>

<p>Hi, CD, as the mom of a college frosh who is very eager to go to law school, glad you are here.</p>

<p>Thank you aparent5.</p>

<p>Thanks concerneddad and roger for your top-notch moderatin'! You guys are great!</p>

<p>your welcome emsibdn</p>

<p>Now I know how you became a moderator. Hope the pay is good.</p>

<p>The pay stinks dadofsam, but at least it is all-you-can-eat!</p>

<p>But if your eating is only virtual, then you won't have a weight problem, Concerneddad</p>

<p>yes, but if I am eating virtually everything I see, then I do!</p>

<p>If you have a kid, are you considered a "dad" the rest of your life? Or once they are 18 you are no longer considered a dad?</p>

<p>Dad, like General, is a lifelong title.</p>