Welcome to our new Bruin Moderator: UCLAri!

<p>I humbly refer to UCLAri's original announcement here:</p>


<a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?t=250866%5B/html%5D">http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?t=250866


<p>Yes, I took a cue from Emmeline's suggestion, and I also thought we should have something a bit more...vivid for this occasion. So, feel free to post in UCLAri's original thread and here! Double the fun, double the occation, double the congradulations! </p>

<p>And a big cheer to UCLAri for his newfound status.</p>

<p>go ari!!!!!!!!!!!</p>