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@dfbdfb if you scroll down to the last post of the thread there is an option to bookmark the entire thread and not just a post. I can see where one would want to bookmark a particularly helpful post in a long thread so that is useful but the bookmarking of the entire thread should be available at both the top and bottom of the thread.

I came to this page to ask what green and light blue numbers mean on my profile. I logged on and had a couple light blue numbers and a couple green numbers. I poked around and the blue numbers went away. One of the green went away and one didn’t. I can’t seem to figure out if it is a message or a reply or a tag or what it is trying to alert me about.

Also, I was alerted that my trust level went up so to reply to discobot to find out what I can do. I replied and it keeps telling me to speak my reply. I’m on a PC without a mic so can’t do it. I replied as such but discobot keeps telling me to speak my response. :frowning:

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I will just answer this. No…

Just sent you two screenshots as requested.

When my status bumped up, i receive several messages about this. I don’t want these messages…and I don’t need them. I also don’t want awards for my first quote or my first whatever else. In my opinion, this is a total waste of data space.

People come here to get advice, not badges or awards for doing posts.


The popup with the following

The New CC Forums are Here!
We’re thrilled to announce that the new CC Forums are live on College Confidential! We’ve upgraded to a modern forum platform with enhanced features so you can have a seamless community experience.
This is only the beginning; we’re continuing to work on the site based on your suggestions. Join the conversation and see what’s changed!

pops up every time. Can it be made to stop popping up after the user has seen it once or a small number of times, or has visited this thread that it links to?

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BUG: some formatting of old posts has been incorrectly imported.

For example, in post #1 of https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/t/faq-pre-med-courses-ap-ib-etc-credit-and-college-de-courses-etc/2103542 , sections B and E of the text of the post have lists of items, each starting on a new line with a *. Now, the list is combined in one line with all previous and following text. Also, the link to the MSAR page in that post has been incorrectly converted.

Note also that this post demostrates another bug – the URL of the other post should be a link, and is a link in the preview while composing and editing this post, but is not a link when posted.

I’m hoping that I blow through most of those this week so they stop showing up. I seem to be on track, my notification window is full of them.

When looking at the list of threads that I have bookmarked, it should have the title first and not the name of the person who started the thread. For example it says, “Gumbymom UC Berkeley Class of 2025 Discussion” It should just be “UC Berkeley Class of 2025 Discussion”


Is there a way to set the tracking/watching/normal status of EVERYTHING to “tracking”, without having to change it on every single thread? I want to see a count of unread messages on every thread, even if I haven’t replied to it. Is there some way to recreate the old standard of bold=there are posts I haven’t read; non-bold=I’ve read everything in this thread?


Apparently I have to reply to every thread if I want to see how many new posts there are. But actually I do have a question. If I reply to something midthread how the heck do I get back to where I was? It seems to send me to the end of the thread, if I do a back arrow, I end up on a different page.

The new site appears to work not at all on the Brave browser for desktop. Initial page loads and links will take you elsewhere, but pages don’t scroll.

I’m having a terrible time getting this to work, and am missing many features that I depended on. The pale little scroll bar only shows up when my iPad is in landscape mode. If I try to scroll to the bottom of a long thread it starts jumping all around and moves me back instead of forward. Everything is so slow it feels like dial-up Internet, not our super fast home internet. Typing just now is lagging by several words, and I’m typing with two fingers,…

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. I will look at it on my iPad or desktop and maybe it will become more intuitive. Best regards!

In forums, what is different between “New” and “Latest” - seems to be redundant

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It just took me 8 minutes to read through 15 messages on this thread. I promise I’m a fast reader.

I can also promise that if this lag time in EVERYTHING from scrolling to typing messages continues I will not be visiting this website.

Not a threat. Just a fact. This is miserable.


More on the font variation problem:



The first set was using the old forum markup with the bracketed markups. The second set was using what pressing the B and I in the new forum edit box gives (star or double star).

Both show the font variation in the preview box, but neither shows it for real when posted.

When I bookmark a thread, I get a popup asking me when the bookmark is for.

In a word: Huh?

I mean, I appreciated the opportunity to set a reminder to look at a thread, I suppose, but why should I need that every single time? Is it expected that everyone will have a set time that they have on their calendar to look at a specific CC thread again? That seems silly, and it’s an unneeded extra click, and that’s an extra click on an unintuitive dialog box. (I’m still uncertain I’ve interpreted it correctly. Choosing ‘never’ puts it in my bookmarks, though, so that’s what I’ve gone with.)

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So this one was weird.

I went to the Parents of the HS Co2019 thread and posted an update on my D19. No problem, it posted fine.

I then bookmarked the thread. Also fine.

I then looked at my bookmarks, and saw that the Co2019 thread showed up as locked, and was listed as “part 1”.

So I went back to that thread and my post was there, as post 20239. However, there was also a post 20240, which said " This topic was automatically closed after reaching the maximum limit of 10000 replies. Continue discussion at Parents of the HS Class of 2019 (Part 2)."

And I followed the link and yep, there was a completely new thread. So I reposted my update there (since I wasn’t sure whether it would be seen where it was) and then came over here to mention this, and also to complain a bit.

There are certain threads that are designed to be long. The Parents of the HS Co20xx threads (and, I presume though I don’t go to them, the equivalent ones for the students) are among them. Capping threads at 10k replies, given that such threads exist and have existed for years, is kind of a weird choice.

And why 10k? Why not 100? 100 might make the scrollbar vaguely usable.

(Important note: I am not seriously proposing thread limits of 100 posts. I am presenting it as a dumb idea to point out how similarly arbitrary the current limit is. I would seriously leave straightaway if the thread cap dropped to 100.)


And finally (for tonight) in my bookmarking saga: Why, oh why, do bookmarks take me to the top of a thread rather than to either the last post I’ve read in it or the first unread post?

That was a feature of the old site that I greatly appreciated. Not having it here is a pretty severe downgrade.


The badges and awards are not necessary and are annoying. We don’t need an incentive program.

Many of us have been on here a long time with over 10k posts etc. but are now “basic” level. I assume it was useful for newcomers to see how many posts others had done, but admin can consider this.

I really hate this new format. Maybe I will finally get off CC.