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<p>While most of our visitors and community members are oriented to a traditional college experience, we have periodic questions about online educational opportunities. These include high school classes (for homeschoolers or as enrichment), college-level classes to supplement a traditional program, actual undergrad degree programs, technical training, and graduate degree programs.</p>

<p>The World Wide Web is clearly bringing a new level of functionality to distance education, particularly with the growing ubiquity of broadband connections. Today's experience has the potential to be far richer and more interactive than old fashioned "correspondence" classes, or even the online learning programs of a few years ago.</p>

<p>So, post your experiences and questions... </p>

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<p>I am currently pursuing a career in medical transcription. Online schooling would be ideal for me. I have recently applied for Fafsa "Pell Grant" for several schools that offer the online transcription course. Unfortunately all of them fall under the category of "continuing education" and are not eligible for federal funding. At this time I am unable to pay for my education, but this is something I want badly. If there is anyone out there who knows of an online transcription school that accepts financial aid or if anyone knows of some kind of funding that might help me, it would help me tremendously. Thanks.</p>

<p>Your local Community College does not have that? I am just curious. You could try and obtain an AA in Office Procedures and take medical transcriptionist courses also.</p>

<p>There are loans for continuing education, but I think they are credit based.</p>

<p>Hello everyone! I am new to this site and think it is awesome. I am obtaining my Bachelors in Psychology via online. I love it!
I attended a traditional campus for my A.S. in Criminal Justice but I have a child and had to travel about 45 min. On-line allows me to spend more time with my family, save gas, and be comfortable at home.</p>

<p>Who are you getting your Psych degree with. I am looking for an online masters in Psychology. Thanks</p>

<p>Check out elearnportal.com for schools with master's degree programs in psychology. There are a lot of quality private schools that are highly ranked and affordable.</p>