Well, I didn't think I'd have a chance before.....

<p>but since the June SAT, I MIGHT have a chance at Penn.</p>

<p>Sat Composite used to be 1480/1600 (780 crit, 700 math) but now my composite is a 1580 (perfect score on math this june)</p>

<p>So my superscore is 1580/1600, and 2290/2400.</p>

<p>GPA is 3.85, got all A's junior year with some college classes</p>

<p>Extracurriculars are bad, participant in a few school clubs </p>

<p>out of school though, I work at a bullion trading company 20 hrs a week (40 hours a week during the summer) go to the gym and compete in powerlifting (about 12 hours a week of time because of the extra time necessary to train with a team). As far as powerlifting goes, I've competed in a few national competitions and have a national record. I'm a life scout right now, and am hopefully going to be finished my eagle scout by the end of the summer. </p>

<p>Based on this, do I have a chance of getting accepted to University of Pennsylvania if I apply early decision?</p>


<p>Those out of school things count in your ECs. Your in-school ECs seem to be almost non-existent (Apparently participating in clubs barely matter. Hooraaay.), but your out of school ECs seem pretty good. Your grades and SATs are pretty good as well.</p>

<p>I suppose you have a chance, but don't get your hopes up.</p>

<p>(And I am again waiting for someone to come along and give better advice.)</p>

<p>Ehhh, a chance. But not great. Good gpa, but not good enough to make up for your ecs (or lack there of)</p>