Well I'd like to attend U of M

<p>but it seems rather pricey for an out of stater like myself. I have 2 grandparent legacies and 1 great uncle legacy and I'd really like to go to Michigan (given I don't get into North Carolina) but is it really worth THAT much? A couple weeks ago on the tour I kept saying to my dad "I really like it but it's really expensive...." he just replied with something like "Well you're going to probably be taught by a world class faculty" or "Michigan IS one of the top schools in the country" etc etc. The thing is, I REALLY liked Michigan! It was awesome! I'd love to go there, but OOS is a LOT.</p>

<p>I think my family can afford it but I don't want to push it ya know? I'm the youngest and all my sibs are done with college but still.....</p>

<p>I would apply for financial aid or something but there's no way my family would get need-based and I'd feel bad for taking away merit-based for kids who really need it. </p>

<p>So whaddya guys think, is U of M worth it? (This is all given that I can get accepted which may not actually happen anyway :P )</p>

<p>anyone got any advice? I can't be the only one that has this sort of issue.</p>

<p>I really feel you should attend Michigan!. I'm an OOSer myself, but I got a full ride at Michigan and I'm loving every minute of my life here. It's a true blend of academics and a vibrant social life. If you have a 2200 SAT and a 3.8 + GPA, you have a really good shot. Try to shoot for merit based scholarships, which might aid in your decision to come to Michigan. Long things short, Michigan is a great school!</p>

<p>So how difficult is it to really get a merit based scholarship? I don't know if I'll have those stats but hopefully (and probably) something darn close to them. And I really did like Michigan!!!</p>

<p>i too am an out of stater.. and i got a full ride
my story might be different than many because i applied to the music school as well
i just kept asking them for more scholarship "i'd Really like to go to umich, but it's just too expensive for me... this other school is offering this much, can you match it?"
they offer too much at first, but a couple days before the decision, their offer was better than the other schools'</p>

<p>be persistent</p>

<p>haha I will. It's my second choice but I have this feeling I'll end up there, which I'm completely happy with! So merit based aid is definitely possible?</p>

<p>I had the exact same question...</p>

<p>definitely possible
just make sure to look for all the scholarships that umich offers</p>

University</a> of Michigan Office of Financial Aid: General Information</p>

<p>hm to have a good shot for merit aid, your numbers should be, at least, around
34 ACT, 2200+ SAT, near 4.0 GPA</p>

<p>Eh....I'm not too qualified then I guess, my GPA is pretty low because of my freshman and sophomore years of high school.......</p>

<p>Getting money or aid is hard, even if u deserve it</p>

<p>Getting aid is not hard. I got 37k~ (only paying for dorming) and had a 91/100 unweighted (3.72/4.0 ~) and 2100 SATs with 30 ACT and i'm out of state and nothing amazing in terms of extra-curriculars. Need-based aid is pretty generous and they've said that they still have money left in late july at least. Scholarships obviously is a different story at any tip-top school especially michigan where there's so many kids.</p>

<p>For need-based aid, apply by the FAFSA deadline at the latest for most money. For scholarships, apply by the priority deadline especially if you're OOS, as your chances diminish greatly after the priority deadline as most of the scholarships saved (if they save) will be for In-states.</p>

<p>Anyone living up on North campus? My son is applying to Lurie COE and thinks he might like to live on North Camp IF he gets in (2220/u3.71/w4.5). He's OOS (CA). Thanks for the scholarship feedback. His GPA might be a little low according to square but not according to Mde, guess it's worth a shot....</p>

<p>Mikey, I apologize for posting this ^^^on YOUR thread. I should start my own thread if I want this discussed. Sorry!!! To answer your question, I believe UMich IS worth it for OOS students, even if you don't get scholarship money. It is still cheaper than many private schools. They have an awesome Business school (Ross) and Engineering school (Lurie). I believe their sciences are top notch as well. The medical center is one of the best in the country.</p>

<p>I'm on north campus. Aid is hard, all i got was loans. All ur stats you posted i'm better then too. My family hasn't had much income the last few years either cuz my dads a real estate broker. I he saved well and had a large amount saved up though so fafsa only looked at that</p>

<p>jshain, you're ok haha! Thank you! I really just wanted to know if it's really worth it.</p>

<p>jshain - you seem to think Lurie is the name of the UMich college of engineering. It is not. Lurie Engineering Center (and Lurie tower) is just one of the several named buildings on the UMich north campus where the College of Engineering is located.</p>

<p>Michigan</a> Engineering | Robert H. Lurie Engineering Center</p>