well Known university for CREATIVE WRITING Major?

<p>what are some universities renown for their creative writing major? Ive been looking at lists of schools that offer creative writing degrees, USC and Brown comes to eye, but are they known for their creative writing courses?</p>

<p>Undergraduate</a> Programs - The Writing Seminars</p>

<p>Johns Hopkins University</p>

<p>john hopkins? really? thought they were all medical</p>

<p>You are in the Drama Majors forum and your query would be better in the "Other College Majors" forum. </p>

<p>Also, while we can suggest schools for Creative Writing, it is of limited value when we have no clue as to your academic qualifications and so picking a college goes well beyond what they offer as the college has to be in your range. </p>

<p>Also, you should use the SEARCH function here on CC for Creative Writing as there have been threads on this topic over the years. </p>

<p>In any case, here are some suggestions of very well regarded creative writing programs:</p>

<p>Columbia University
Carnegie Mellon
Kenyon College
Middlebury College
Emory University
Sarah Lawrence
Hampshire College
Brown University
Northwestern University
Johns Hopkins University
Hamilton College
Bard College
Grinnell College
Elon University
George Washington University
Emerson College
Beloit College
Bennington College
Susquehanna Univesity
Hofstra University
Ithaca College</p>

<p>Creative writing is actually a major? Really?</p>

<p>Why would anyone major in that anyways? Do you REALLY think it's gonna help you find a good job? </p>

<p>Clearly one of the most useless majors.</p>

<p>Some people create their own jobs. Originality goes a long way. Good luck with that :P</p>

<p>To the OP--I don't know your gender, but both Sweet Briar College and Hollins University (all female in VA) have well-respected English and CW programs. Their admissions requirements and acceptance rates aren't stringent. You might check out Davidson in NC as well.</p>

<p>Kenyon College comes to mind first for me. Gorgeous campus, I probably would have applied/gone had I done the creative writing route.</p>

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<p>Why would anyone listen to him anyways? Do you REALLY think he's actually a good rapper?</p>

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<p>JHU, Knox, Sarah Lawrence, and Kenyon are usually regarded as the best.</p>

<p>It isn't a major, but many great writers have gone through the University of Iowa's creative writing program.</p>


<p>There is more to life than just money lil wayne fan, you should know that. Well maybe you dont as your user name implies.</p>

<p>University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Columbia College
Duke University
Cornell University
Dartmouth University
Boston College
Syracuse University
Just go to their websites and search "creative writing."</p>

<p>Oh, and Lil<em>Wayne</em>Fan?
Yes its a major, and you can become an author, you can write scripts for commercials and tv shows and movies, you can write articles for journals, newsletters, and magazines, you can be an editor, you can be a lyricist and write songs for singers.
Many of theses people actually-believe it or not-are very rich. So it not a useless major. It is a very lucrative and well-paid major.
So shut up.</p>

<p>Old thread is old.</p>