Well, might as well...

<p>I'm a high school senior, but I'm still not sure about where to apply. So far, I've applied to Oberlin Conservatory, UMD school of music, and Washington College (free app, find out in a few days). I'm not sure I have the right, operatic voice for voice performance, but I know I want to major in music. I want to pursue singing professionally, but I'm also interested in ethnomusicology.</p>

<p>2280 SATS (800 CR, 780 W, 700 M)
4th out of 442
102 GPA weighted
Voice, Bassoon, Kmart Cashier, Franklin Institute Science Presenter, Seeing Eye Puppy Raiser, etc.</p>

<p>The problem is that I want to ensure I go a school I'm really excited about, but I don't want to apply to 15 schools (which is about my list now). There's a chance I won't get into any music schools, I think. I'm really serious about singing, and I do have natural ability; I just might not be right for classical singing programs. Any opinions? </p>

<p>My list right now:
Conservatories- Oberlin, Northwestern, UMD, Vanderbilt, Ithaca College, Gettysburg College.
Non-conservatories- Princeton, Harvard, Brown, Yale, UChicago, Skidmore, Bowdoin, Washington College (will cut out a few ivies from list)</p>

<p>If you were me, interested in both performance and ethnomusicology, would you apply to more BM or BA programs? Do you think I'd have a chance of getting into one of the ivies or UChicago? I'm planning on graduate school, as well, but again, I'm not sure if that will be for performance or ethnomusicology. I think the 4 years of undergraduate will give my voice and me time to develop, and then I can evaluate which route I want to go.</p>