Well rounded business education vs. Specific business major

<p>Which one is better?
Going to a school where you learn about all sides of business
Going to one that is specific (i.e., you mainly learn about accounting or MIS but you don't take as many courses besides that one specific field)</p>

<p>The 2nd one. But the real answer is neither. There's so many things that you could be learning that will get you a lot more respect and are a lot more interesting than business. Unless you go to a really good school, then classism works to your advantage.</p>

<p>The second one.</p>

<p>For someone who loves business there is nothing more interesting or more respectable. What is interesting to one student may not interesting to any others.</p>

<p>Hmm, I tried listing this without schools...</p>

<p>Berkeley Haas major vs. Irvine Business Information Management</p>

<p>I feel that Berkeley gives me a more well rounded degree whereas at Irvine I would learn more about just MIS.</p>

<p>Which one now?</p>

<p>Berkeley for sure.. you will get a lot more recruiters at Haas, which has an amazing job placement record. Berkeley for sure</p>

<p>You should go to Haas AND get a specific business major there.
What makes you think that you can't major in something like MIS at Haas?</p>