Well then See Yall in Fall 08' :)

<p>My Appeal was rejected, so I'm accepting the Merced/Berkeley shared experience offer. Ill have 47.7 semester credits by the end of my senior year, so getting to that 60 mark will be no prob. Oh well, at least Ill transfer in with a high GPA ^_^ GO BOBCATS!</p>

<p>CONGRATS! By the way, I think you'll really enjoy the time at Merced. It's a great campus and has FABULOUS dorms!</p>

<p>Who knows, maybe you'll enjoy Merced so much you'll stay there!</p>

<p>cool so your ap/ib/ccc credits count towards your 60 unit req. Hell if you're lucky you can get out of merced by spring</p>

<p>collegekid: Try to enjoy Merced and make the best of it while you are there! I visited the campus earlier this year. It's nice! Berk is not that far away... come visit once in awhile! :)</p>

<p>that is the attitude! you will have fun in all seriousness.</p>

<p>I'm so sorry.</p>

<p>heh, dont worry about it...tell you the truth transfering into berkeley with an inflated GPA from Merced sounds kinda nice...how did your appeal go deniel/where did u send ur SIR?</p>

<p>While Merced might not be the most exciting place to be, you can laugh when you hear about your friends at Cal with their 800 person freshman seminar courses when you're getting out of your freshman courses that have 30 students and a professor up front.</p>

<p>It hasn't come back yet. I sent it 4/18.</p>

<p>haha yeah, "private school, but with a UC feel" is how I like to think of it ;)</p>

<p>Daniel did you SIR to Davis?</p>

<p>No, SIR to Merced Shared Experience. I hope to get out in one year like you.</p>

<p>!!!!!!!! a fellow shared expeience student. Dude, you can EASYLY get out in one year, have you taken any AP/IB/CCC classes in highschool?</p>

<p>I've taken 6(it was the most I could get) APs and 2 cc classes. If I pass 3 tests this year I'll have over 30 credits. I'm also trying to get cc summer classes just to be sure. Watch out for prereqs and the merced counselor. She strongly discourages getting out in one year and happens to have significant control over your classes. It throws off their hopes(plus it is kinda risky). Merced wants the awesome school rejects to develop enough friends and love for the campus that they decide to stay. Then everyone holds hands, sings songs, and poverty and hunger evaporate. Not going to happpen.</p>

<p>LMAO, haha yeah I'm enrolling in CC classes this summer to take take of some of those prereqs (I think those are the only things that could screw me over). I agree, Merced wants people to stay for more than one year, and so does Berkeley...I talked to a rep. at Berkeley a week ago and he said "We want you to stay there" and I said, "I bet you do"</p>

<p>I keep hearing the disparaging remarks about Merced but i was thinking the other day that if a large number of shared experience students attend, then a large portion the student body will be quite smart. The kids I know who got offered that program have incredible stats but just barely missed being admitted into UCLA and Berkeley, two of the top schools in the world! You will probably find people there with whom you have much in common. Good luck!</p>

<p>^ Yeah, I really hope so, I'm guessing somewhere around 20-30% of freshmen next year will be on shared exp.</p>

<p>Hey Collegekid21, I got my appeal at UCLA(haven't heard from UCB yet). I hope that your UCLA appeal works too.</p>

<p>bessie, that is a very interesting point, im glad you brought this to my attention. I'm sure this program will be effective in keeping a large number of students in. When your there, youll realize the opportunities available to you, and so will all the other exp students. Its kinda scary what the small institution will become in the next few years.
Word of Advice: Research</p>

<p>btw if you do 12.3 units this summer won't you have 60 units even before you go to Merced in the spring?</p>