Well, this is new.

<p>So today the prof whose research team I was supposed to join this month told me that he's going away until September... cool. That was supposed to be the rest of my summer & I was so excited for it. :/ Also, that just means my summer was not as productive as I wanted it to be!</p>

<p>Basically all I've been doing is this:
SAT prep
AP Calculus prep
Visiting family, random parties/weddings (huge family... happens rather often)
Volunteering at the hospital
Planning club/community service events for the school year </p>

<p>Is this a really bad summer? I mean in terms of top 10/top 20 schools?</p>


<p>not at all...imo. i'm going to be a rising junior and that's exactly what i've been doing coincidentally (well almost). i haven't been tutoring or doing ap calc but i'm tied up with ap hw, volunteering and sat prep too. i'm also brainstorming volunteer stuff for the year but i haven't got much so far...any ideas?</p>

<p>Haha no, I haven't done much this summer and I still consider myself a candidate for a lot of the top ranked schools in the nation. I mean, unless you cured cancer or wrote a successful published novel and have perfect scores on all your standardized tests, there's no 100% guarantee.
I would consider your summer far more productive than the average student. Don't stress.</p>

<p>Thanks guys... I'm still really worried though. School starts in 3 weeks... & I'll be gone from tomorrow until next Tuesday. So there's really no hope of doing something now, besides planning my clubs/events & a little bit more studying. :( Wish me luck.</p>

<p>A bad summer in terms of socializing.</p>