Well, what are my chances?

<p>I want to apply ED to WUSTL, but I was wondering about my chances. Here are my stats:</p>

<p>(Btw, this is my first time posting,sorry if it's annoying?)</p>

<p>Hispanic/Asian ethnicity
UW GPA: 3.85
W GPA: 4.5
SAT: 1980 (I know...so low T^T)
ACT: 33
AP Eng. Comp.:4
AP Bio: 4
AP Cal: 3
AP History: 3
DC Speech: B
DC Pre-cal: B</p>

V. soccer
Academic TAPPS
math league
participated in State turkish olympiad
placed second in literary fair
participated in Science Fair
studied abroad in Turkey
math league
VP of National Honor Society
Pres. of StuCo
Research position at TAMU
participated in State Turkish Olympiad, awarded Bronze for language test
participated in regional SciFair
studied abroad in Turkey
Senior: (well, i'm going to be a senior this yr, so this is what is planned to happen, or has so far been confirmed)
Pres. of NHS (confirmed)
Pres. of StuCo (elections still pending, but pretty much confirmed)
research position at TAMU (confirmed)
participation in turkish olympiad (will occur, but no idea of the outcome)
participation in scifair (same as above)
possibly studying abroad in turkey once more
<em>i'm starting a club at my school that is based off of my research team, and i was wondering if this counted for anything?</em></p>

Music TAPPS Ensemble First Place
Literary Fair 2nd place
$5000 scholarship to study abroad
Distinguished Honor Roll for 5/6 six weeks; Honor Roll 1/6
Turkish Olympiad Language Bronze award
$6000 scholarship to study abroad
Society of Women Engineers Certificate of Merit
Honor Roll 1/6, D. Honor Roll 5/6
Possibly NHRP award..(i wasn't aware that i was qualified, so i did not record my hispanic ethnicity. I may or may not receive this award.)
Unknown ^^</p>

<p>Volunteer Work:
25 hrs @ local museum as a camp counselor
~60 hrs tutoring 3rd grade math
8 hrs @ st de paul's thrift store
misc. stuco and nhs volunteer hours/projects (~125 hrs)</p>

<p>Job experience:
The Parkland Group LLC (custom home builders); faux painting/final clean up
<em>does work experience help much? b/c, i am currently 15 and in my city, that's basically the age requirement but not guaranteed work age. i'm at a loss if it is.</em></p>

<p>I'm about to go to St. Louis to visit WUSTL (actually, tomorrow) and I have an interview. I know that WUSTL likes students to show interest, but, will that help a lot? I would really, really appreciate any advice.</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>The 33 and you being valedictorian will most likely make you a shoe-in for WUSTL, especially since you are EDing there.</p>

<p>If I apply Ed thru questbridge do you think that my chance of being accepted changes?</p>