<p>I'm extremely happy :). I got my AP scores back and I got a 5 for AP biology, a 5 for AP US history, and a 4 for English language composition. I took 3 APs and an honors class, but I did not get straight A's... In fact I even got a couple C's from my AP teachers... I have mixed feelings about it though... On the one hand, they prepared me extremely well, and I was so grateful that they helped me do well on the exams... on the other hand, my GPA is quite low... I suppose that's just the way it is... I decided to challenge myself and I admit I felt overwhelmed at times. My question is this: could I get into UC santa Barbara or any of the other UCs? Do they take kindly to the proverbial "low GPA, high test scores" student?
(I go to a public school in manhattan beach, california)</p>

<p>Congratulations on your scores. For chancing, you might want to post SAT I and II scores, your GPA, the classes you have taken, your participation in extracurriculars, any significant information so that you can receive somewhat more accurate chances.</p>

<p>UCs only use APs for placement. In fact, they are a very numbers oriented group of schools, though high SAT scores can offset a lower GPA. That scenario actually works much better at UCs than at most colleges.</p>

<p>The problem with high scores/low GPA is it usually signals an issue-lazy, ADD, many things actually, that will not change in college. So many schools don't take the chance. SAT/ACT scores at the top of a college's applicant pool will always get you a second look however.</p>

<p>oh... that's a bit of a downer..... I was hoping my AP scores would somewhat compensate for the B's and C's :/. it's funny how you said it shows laziness or ADD, because I do have mild ADD, but then again, it's so vague and subjective, anyone might have it haha. </p>

<p>ok... I'll post a bit more detail: (btw I'm retaking the SAT I... there was tons of construction outside the testing area, and it really ****ed me up xD haha)
Classes I've taken:
Sciences: Advanced Earth Science, Biology CP, chemistry CP, AP biology.
Social Studies: world history CP, AP US history, US government CP, economics CP
English: college prep for two years, Honors english for junior year and AP english for senior year.</p>

<p>SAT I: 1820 (first time... got distracted.... retaking for sure!)
SAT II: Biology E: 710, world history: 660 (took world history since I already took the AP US exam... I thought it would be nice to try something different :P)
ACT: 29
AP biology: 5
AP US history: 5
AP English Comp: 4
GPA: 3.3
Extracurriculars: going to be in Cross country and Track for four years... ran Varsity for Track. I voluntarily tutor (help students who are borderline or failing), I am in a couple clubs.... kinda random, but I was treasurer for Jewish club at my school for junior year... then became vice president for next year. (kind of funny since I'm an atheist ;p...). Also a member of the Socialist Club, Amnesty International, and Democrat club. I had a piece of art for a lions club peace poster contest win district level, but other than that, I haven't really won anything huge :P. I volunteered (my choice, not just for college) with the salvation army during the summer. I've done a couple canned food drives... </p>

<p>so ya, i guess that sort of sums it up... I'm taking a couple more AP classes for my senior year though, so I definitely won't be slacking off or anything... I'm taking AP English and AP statistics. thanks in advance... regardless of the responses or the college I get into, I'm satisfied to at least know that while I might not have made perfect grades, I at least challenged myself and did something productive instead of taking "woodshop" or "movie appreciation" haha xD</p>

<p>so with that said, are UC's more numerical then? Would I be better off applying somewhere else? It might even be better to transfer from another school, maybe...</p>

<p>UC's are numerical, but you still have a good shot at santa barbara</p>