Wellesley ED 2 Class of 2022

I’m making this thread for ED 2 applicants to Wellesley!!!

where’s everyone from?

Thanks for starting this :slight_smile: just decided to apply for ED2

thanks for making this! ive been waiting for this thread :slight_smile:

So nervous but excited! :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, why did you guys ED2 instead of ED1? ED1 rejection? First semester grades?

I am an international student who got deferred by Brown…Just a little question for the United States high school students: is Brown much tougher to get into than Wellesley? Thanks!

Brown’s acceptance rate is 9%, Wellesley’s is around 30.

I applied ED 1 to Barnard and got rejected. However, I think Wellesley will be a better fit for me.

Same, I got rejected from Barnard ED1 also. Still not sure if I should apply ED2 to Wellesley… My GPA is on the lower end, and I don’t honestly think I have a much better chance with Wellesley.


I asked for an interview but I haven’t received a response yet. Has anyone here received one?

When did you request your interview? I think the response was fairly fast and it was easy to set up! If you have any questions about the interview let me know! I already completed mine in November and am doing Early Evaluation.

Hey guys. So I am an international student who was accepted to Wellesley ED1. Feel free to ask me any questions!

Actually Wellesley’s class of 2021 was closer to 20% rather than the stated (and usual) 30%.

Did you have an interview too? I live in a place with poor network connection and last time I had my interview with my ed1 college but it didn’t go well because of internet connection problem. So I thought it better not to schedule my interview with wellesley admin. But does interview form an integral part in application process?

turtle26 which country are you from?

- First year U.S. applicants: An interview is strongly recommended but not required and the lack of an interview will not adversely impact your application
- First year International applicants: A limited number of interviews are offered; interviews are not required and the lack of an interview will not adversely impact your application
- Davis Scholar, postbaccalaureate candidates, and accelerating candidates: An interview is required

For reference: https://www.wellesley.edu/admission/visitus/interviews

Good luck!

@magtf1 Thank you for this

Hi turtle26, how are your stats? Thank you!