Wellesley ED II

Now that Wellesley ED I has come out, anyone applying to Wellesley ED II??

I am. I was going to apply ED I to another school but changed my mind at the last minute. I can’t stop thinking about Wellesley and waiting until February to find out is gonna be so painful.

I’m applying EDII as well, but I don’t know how great my chances of getting in are.

I am too. Acceptance would be more than wonderful, but I’ll pray for deferral at this point. :-<

Hi everyone, I’m also applying EDII. The February wait will be sooo long though.

And so the wait begins…

Yesss I did, and I’m so nervous. I love Wellesley so much and waiting until February is already so hard.haha

Isn’t there supposed to be a section in the portal where we can see when our financial aid documents have been processed? Not sure if they just haven’t opened it yet or what…

@jubilant56 I don’t remember seeing any info about financial aid docs until after being notified of acceptance. I expect Student Financial Services would contact you if they needed more info or were missing a financial aid document. Good luck!

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but right now on the portal, it just says to check back in late February to see the decision. Will they update that later with the specific date in late February, or do we just wait until some day they upload the decisions, or what?

Hey guys! Applied ED II as well. The portal specifies to check the financial aid application checklist but I don’t see anything as such. Am I missing something?

Hi All! I, too, didn’t see any update on the financial aid application check list so I called Wellesley yesterday. They said it isn’t up yet. They are still processing all the information they’ve received. So don’t worry. It’s not just you. Good luck!

@mangoes2021 For ED I, a specific date that decisions would be released was eventually provided. I don’t remember exactly when that date was published, but it was at least 2-3 weeks before decisions came out.

@Anushkei Here’s the link to the checklist, which is in pdf format: http://www.wellesley.edu/sites/default/files/assets/departments/sfs/files/edii_uspr_checklist.pdf

@mangoes2021 I’m sure they’ll give us an exact date by mid Feb.

Thanks :slight_smile: @jubilant56

I applied ED 2 and finally decided to create an account to share this nerve wracking experience with all of you

@ynaffitj Good luck!

@ynaffitj Welcome to the party :slight_smile:

Any international students here?

Update: The financial aid check list is now working! You can now see if they received your documents.

i also applied EDII and im so incredibly anxious. what were your guys’ credentials (scores, grades, achievements kinda thing)? good luck to all <3