Wellesley Overhauls Website

<p>I have seen hints of this coming for the past couple of months. There is no doubt that Wellesley needed a revamped and aesthetically coherent website. When I took a look today, I saw that a new website has rolled out, with the new logo and "look." The new admissions site is very nice looking, and more in line with comparable colleges.</p>

<p>Take a look and comment in this thread:
New</a> Wellesley Website</p>

<p>Much better!</p>

<p>I agree it needed an overhaul.</p>

<p>we had in the self service site that a new website was going to be launched...its very nice. I'm glad.</p>

<p>Took forevvvvveeerrrr, but I do like it. A little too much white on the homepage for my taste, though.</p>



<p>Yes, I think they should make the side panels a very light grey or very light blue.</p>

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<p>That's all.</p>