wellesley - WILL CHANCE BACK

<p>Honors: Bio, u.s history, world history, economics, english I, II, and III, chemistry, physics, anatomy and phys
AP: Bio, euro, u.s gvt & pol, english lit, art history, u.s history (self-studied), spanish lang </p>

bio: 4
euro: 5
u.s gvt & politics: 5
art hist: 5
u.s hist: 5
spanish lang: 5
english lit: 5 </p>

<p>total APs offered: 8; total taken: 7 </p>

<p>GPA: UW: 3.9, W: 4.5 </p>

astronomy club (president), national spanish honor society (president), science olympiads, national honor society, science national honor society, key club, volunteering: ASPCA, united way, nursing home/hospital, aquarium (diver), aquarium (junior educator), veterinary assistant/shadower; research: aquatic med, arctic bio/marine bio; varsity: soccer, softball, swimming; jv: volleyball; animal welfare club (founder & p), writer's club (founder & p); writer's workshops, first place in national english essay competition; I can speak: french, spanish, danish, and I can read and write in latin; fingerstyle guitar (prodigy), classical piano; tutoring; and then some law related stuff. </p>

<p>didn't have honors or AP math</p>

<p>fabulous teacher/professor recs</p>

<p>sat: 2250
m: 700, w: 800, cr: 750
sat II:
spanish: 800
lit: 800
U.s hist: 750 </p>

catholic high school </p>

<p>minor: econ
major: international law</p>