<p>Do you think I'll have a chance at my dream schools?

<p>Asian F in California
GPA: 9th - Sem. 1: 3.46
Sem. 2: 3.50
10th - Sem. 1: 3.60
Sem. 2: 3.50
11th - Sem. 1: 3.73
Sem. 2: 4.0
My school does no rankings.</p>

<p>Honors English all four years.
Took AP Language and AP US History in 11th grade, taking AP Lit in 12th.
Taking AP Calc AB in 12th
Taking AP French in 12th </p>

<p>SAT I - 1280..planning on retaking in October..aiming for at least 1400
SAT II Writing - 750
SAT II Math IIC - 780
SAT II US History - 630 </p>

<p>Have played the cello for seven years. Have won few awards for orchestra and solo ensembles. Have joined several orchestras not including school.
Have joined marching band. Am on Band council (VP)
Am editor for school newspaper
Have received the book award from Williams college last year
Am currently interning at a telemarketing firm.
Involved in community service through volunteering at the Humane society and the local hospital for two years.
Delegate of National Youth Leadership Forum for Law.
Am in several club councils, including one I helped co-found
Teach Pilates to middleaged Asian housewives in their homes </p>

<p>Father deceased during freshman year. </p>

Wellesley (Early)
Mt. Holyoke

<p>SAT would decide everything - 1400 would be very solid.</p>