Wellesley's Student/Academic Environment?

Lemme preface by saying that I know that Wellesley is an elite women’s college, so obviously there’s going to be SOME level of academic competitiveness because the students work hard. THAT BEING SAID, during my college research to scope my options, some people have said that Wellesley students are cutthroat and competitive while some people have said that they are collaborative and have supportive staff/faculty. So if you’re a student at Wellesley, I’d appreciate some feedback on the student/academic environment, thanks!

I think you’ll find competitive students anywhere, but in my experience, Wellesley students have been nothing but supportive. People talk about a “stress culture” sometimes, but that’s entirely optional. It’s up to you whether to compare yourself to others and worry about your grades. You can choose not to! And it’s great!