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<p>Has anyone been part of WLLC?
Generally, what kind of people do WLLC? Is it bit obsessive
weird people or just healthy fitted people (ex. atheletes)?</p>

<p>It's basically a euphemism for the substance-free freshman dorm.</p>

<p>Technically, all East Campus dorms are substance-free, but the level of enforcement widely varies according to your RA, and most RAs are reasonable in their administration of the rules. (Read: "don't let us see anything") As an RA-to-be on East myself, I plan to take roughly this philosophy, although I'm a softie who will be hard-pressed to write anyone up in any but the most extreme circumstances.</p>

<p>The WLLC (or whatever it's called -- most years it's essentially Brown dormitory) is actually substance-free, or as close to it as is imaginable on a college campus. People there seem to like it, but it's a very self-selected group; you probably have a sense of how you would fit in with a bunch who volunteered to place themselves in a substance-free dorm.</p>

<p>(By the way, when I say "substance-free" I basically mean "alcohol-free," although I suppose one could include marijuana as well. Consumption of any harder substances is not widespread anywhere.)</p>

<p>It's basically composed of people from Brown or Brown-like people, not really athletes.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the comments. But what characterizes Brown people?
Do they stand out as a separate group in campus and tend to stick with each other, or do they easily blend in with the rest? How do people at other freshman dorms treat people from Brown and vice versa?</p>

<p>at BDD when we said ppl from brown were hosting us they were like "oh sorry haha " i dont know...but i got the impression that if you can live somewhere else, do it</p>

<p>Thanks for the comments. So far what I got from them is that probably applying for WLLC may not be good</p>

<p>Well I assume you are a pre-frosh. In that case, you have a year to decide, because only sophomores can live on west anyways.</p>

Well I assume you are a pre-frosh. In that case, you have a year to decide, because only sophomores can live on west anyways.


I'm pretty sure he's referring to the freshman version, which is technically also called the "WLLC" (but no one knows this, since they just call it "Brown" instead)</p>

<p>"What dorm are you in?"
"Did you chose it?"</p>

<p>They won't put you in Brown unless you choose that, right? I definitely would prefer to be in a regular dorm...</p>

<p>everyone from brown is terrible. they're the weird/lame/goofy-looking kids who walk around thinking they're better than everyone else because they're straight-edge. Their dorm shirts this year said "a boring night in is better than an awkward morning after" basically, these kids suck. don't live in brown unless you want to be miserable.</p>

<p>Tolerance is always nice lol</p>


<p>Wow, they sound like a bunch of losers.</p>

Wow, they sound like a bunch of losers.


<p>Coming from a guy with 1,645 posts on a college message board with the screen name "evil<em>asian</em>dictator"</p>

<p>hahah, jp</p>

<p>good lord at these replies</p>

<p>basically, if you would like to be in a substance/drug free dorm then feel free to join ... you'll meet people like you and that's really about it</p>

<p>yeah shouldn't all you intolerant people be glad that the sub-free types are segregating themselves?</p>

<p>I know people who enjoyed living in Brown and people who didn't. I would say that if you're especially enthusiastic about living in a substance-free environment then its a great idea. However, there were plenty of people who were "substance-free" who enjoyed living in the regular dorms and I know people who were "substance-free" who regretted not having the experience of living in a regular dorm. Think carefully about what you want - even if you don't drink/smoke/etc, you may be interested in having the experience of living among those who do. Regardless of your choice you get some control over who you live with after your freshman year, so if you dislike your choice you can always change things up.</p>

<p>They won't put you in Brown if you don't mark down that you want sub-free. Sadly, lots of parents make this decision but just tell that that you were rejected from Brown and change the form</p>



<p>LOL I was being sarcastic but it doesn't always flow so well with the internet so yeahh.</p>