Wells Fargo or Stanford Credit Union

<p>Which is the better deal?</p>

<p>i'd go with wells fargo. there's a main office on campus and its much more nationally (west side of us anyway) known. I don't think the stanford credit union has any other offices except on campus. so if you're ever our of the city or the state, you can at least find a wells fargo office near wherever you go. </p>

<p>my parents didn't have an account with wells fargo and i didn't have to pay any min. balance or fees. i opened a college student account last summer, and right now they have a promotion that allows you to have a savings account they usually offer to people w/ around $10,000, and it has no min. balance and gains more interest than the normal savings account they offer. i got it and only have the $100 deposit you need to open it.</p>

<p>theres also a bank of america atm, not an office though, on campus.</p>

<p>SFCU is good enough, I think. They give you a debit card, an ATM card and a credit card. There's a $5 non-refundable fee and a $50 refundable deposit. I got the eChecking account and I believe that's what most students get. Take a look at their website for more info. I think the services they offer are sufficient for most students. If I were you, I'd go wherever there was a smaller queue. ;) I got here on the 15th (International Student Orientation!) so I didn't have to worry about the rush. :D</p>

<p>Really just pick one. I heard Fargo offers a better deal so I went there today and oppened an account its really fast and easy!</p>