wells info

<p>I am applying to Wells and looking for info or insight from someone who goes there, knows someone who goes there, or just has any information that isn't relayed through brochures. </p>

<p>How are they with financial aid? What are the students like? Are there more Democrats or Republicans? (I found conflicting info on this) </p>

<p>I live in CA, will that affect admission at all? What is student life like? </p>

<p>Any info would be helpful, thanks.</p>

<p>I forgot to ask, how strong is the mathematics department?</p>


<p>It's really hard to find out current information about Wells since they announced they are accepting men. I imagine both sides, the college and those opposed are waiting to see the full fallout and saying little so as not to give the other aid. I've seen postings elsewhere from students and former students who although they speak highly of Wells, even go so far as to ask people not to apply , I guess because a fall off in applications would or they thing would help their opposition to the decision.</p>

<p>(have you seen <a href="http://www.geocities.com/wellscollegepetition/index.htm?%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.geocities.com/wellscollegepetition/index.htm?&lt;/a&gt;) </p>

<p>I wonder how many students will really leave, and how many studends who otherwise wouldn't have will now apply. My daughter probably wouldn't have applied except for the decision to admit men. I also read that enrollment was already down to only about 300 for the whole school. That hardly seems like a critical mass. I also wonder whether they will lower standards to get enrollment up.</p>

<p>So much turmoil and lack of clarity, it can only hurt the school at least for the short term.</p>


<p>Things do seem to be in turmoil right now. My daughter has similar questions (esp. about lowering standards to get enrollment up). She was torn about applying once the decision was made to admit men. She wanted to support the students who felt that their opinions weren't being listened to, on the other hand Wells is a pretty, little school, not too far from home and very close to Ithaca (my entire family lives in Ithaca and she loves the town). </p>

<p>She's visited Wells a bunch of times (including staying several days for a summer program). The last time she was on campus to sit in on a class was a few weeks after the announcemnt. Things were tense on campus. There was a lot of hostility. Not the atmosphere she had hoped for. The women that she knows who graduated from Wells are all pretty angry at the school right now. They loved Wells and had been excited that my daughter was considering it, but now say they couldn't recomend it to her.</p>

<p>On the other hand, she was told by someone at admissions they have had record numbers apply for next Fall. </p>

<p>The uncertainty has made things tough. She's been accepted, but Wells has really fallen on her list.</p>

<p>Lindsaylu- we could probably answer some questions about the campus and area. Not about math- my daughter is into history and lit. :) she stays as far away from math as possible! I can't say about Republican/Democrat. The folks we know from Wells (or who went to Wells) are all pretty liberal, and Ithaca is a liberal town. </p>

<p>They've got no merit aid to speak of (they lowered tuition and did away with merit aid a number of years ago- so I've been told). The only "Henry Wells" award just has an intership, not $$. So everything would be need based aid.</p>

<p>Aurora is a tiny town. Pretty but with nothing much to do. Ithaca is a college town with lots going on (and Cornell and Ithaca college). There are vans from Wells to Ithaca (about 20 min or so away) that run several times a day. </p>

<p>The dorms are nice. Rooms are big. The food on campus is good (esp. the vegan food- says my daughter). . .</p>

<p>I think my daughter is in pretty much the same situation. Perhaps by the time she also hears from the other schools she's applied to, the situation will be somewhat clearer. I guess we'll make the grand circuit in the spring and decide then.</p>

<p>Since you know the area, I went to Law School at Syracuse, is it as gray and snowy in Ithaca? Each of the 3 years I was there it snowed in October and during finals in May. But it wasn't the snow that sometimes got to me as much as the extended periods of overcast. I would assume though that Aurora/Ithaca is a lot prettier and more idylic.</p>

<p>Snow in Oct or even May isn't unheard of, but not really that common. There is always plenty of snow Dec.-March. </p>

<p>Ithaca isn't nearly as gray as Syracuse though. Much prettier and not even close to as dreary.</p>