Wellsley college, Vassar or NYU

<p>here is my stat:
Class of 2011----California
GPA 4.1 So far took 4 AP. Senior will take 4 more AP. SAT 1990.. Plan to take another one in Oct. goal is to be over 2100
EC activities. VP of senior class. ASB member, Church youth leader--with a title of VP for youth group (150 youth). Chair for Youth task force...etc... also a tennis player, got some award also for piano..(just pass the level 16 for piano). had played jazz band for high school band also...</p>

<p>Schools that we are considering
wellsley --Econ major
Vassar---Econ major
University of Chicago--Econ
Carnegie mellon---business
Washington u--business

<p>I like CMC. But I was told since I am Californian. my chance to CMC will be much harder than go to Wellsley. Although Wellsley's ranking is higher than CMC.
I am also thinking about choosing one school for ED. any suggestion ?</p>

<p>Thanks very much in advance</p>