<p>i just noticed i never marked an intended major in the application</p>

<p>hey yeah, me too! that's uber weird.</p>

<p>maybe because of the core they expect you to choose something after your done with requireed courses?</p>

<p>Most people change their minds over the course of 4 years, and you don't have to declare a major until the summer quarter of your 3rd year, so it's really pretty pointless to make you list a major.</p>

<p>so what you rsaying is that there is nothing on the application that says pick a major right...i just want to make sure i didnt miss it.</p>

<p>you will automatically be placed in the engineering school</p>

<p>...i.e., the greatest School, ever.</p>

<p>I used my Why UChicago essay to talk about how much I wanted to go into their engineering school. I just hope I get preferred admission to the program, cause I've heard it's pretty tough.</p>

<p>ducktape -- yeah, I've heard it's the hardest of all the engineering programmes that don't exist.</p>

<p>(There is no prospective major field, beefs. You didn't miss anything.)</p>

<p>What if someone actually did that? Used their Why UChicago essay to talk about how much they wanted to go into engineering? That would be hilarious.</p>

<p>No worse than writing an essay espousing the advantages of premarital sex and fine wine-----for admission to Bingham Young University.</p>

<p>You all should just tell people that the engineering program is so unique it's impossible to get into. They don't take anyone!</p>