Wesleyan 2025 RD

I am not sure if there is any Wesleyan RD forum so feel free to add your stats!

Hello! I’m gonna keep my stats for when I get a decision but I’m from North Carolina and managed to get in a campus visit before the pandemic! Wes is a reach because of the acceptance rate but also because I didn’t take physics, and they brag about that on their class profile. Good luck!

anyone from asia who applied for the freeman scholarship?

what is THAT SCHOLARSHIP? do you have to submit it with the application?

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Hey, an international applicant here from the UK! (not including stats atm)

I did and am currently finalist.

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same here, I’m an international from Indonesia

oh that’s interesting, have you gotten a letter of acceptance or have you gotten shortlisted for an interview?

it’s almost mid february and I havent gotten an interview or anything from Wesleyan

Just shortlisted for the interview. I’m from Taiwan btw. I don’t think the interview view is mandatory based on Wes website. I found out you also apply to YaleNUS, I did as well. But I haven’t finished my interview. Do you have any suggestions for that? Wish you the best!

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oh how did your interview go? and what did the interviewer ask? I’m very interested

all in all, just be yourself in the YaleNUS interview and research more about YaleNUS

My interview is on 2/27. All I know rn is it’s about 45min with two alumni.

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mine is on Feb 14th and my invitation said it was abt 30mins for me… I’m originally from South Korea but I live in China right now, and I actually got a call from someone in Korea asking if I was still interested in the freeman scholarship (idk what this was, maybe just to check if my phone number was correct)

Oh maybe it depends on the region or interviewers. I did get a phone call to schedule the interview. Please let me know how the interview goes and good luck!

yup applied RD and am a finalist now from south korea (my interview is tomorrow haha)

ooh same, someone from korea emailed me to ask whether I was still interested (probably because I don’t have a phone number)

best of luck to u !!

i just made a new thread for the freeman scholarship Wes Freeman if anyone wants to talk more !!