Wesleyan Class of 2021 Regular (RD) Decision Thread

I could not find a regular decision thread for Wesleyan University so I decided to create one. Good luck to all applicants.

Good luck! Has anyone received a decision yet??

Does anyone know the official decision release date yet? Last year they came out around 2pm ET on Friday March 25th. If they stick to what they did in the past, decisions should be out on Friday. But so far this is only speculation. How and when did they release ED / ED II decisions this year?

Haven’t gotten anything yet… fingers crossed

just FYI this thread is also for RD applicants http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/wesleyan-university/1937879-wesleyan-class-of-2021-applicants-thread.html and apparently decisions are coming this Saturday @ 3

You’re all on the wrong forum. This one is affiliated with Wesleyan College in Macon GA, not Wesleyan University in Middletown CT. An easy way to navigate to the latter school is to go back to “Colleges and Universities” and click on “Top Liberal Arts Colleges”.

why do some applicants get admitted prior to the admission decision date. Should i be discouraged if i haven’t gotten an update?

750 us hist
4.26 gpa
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I applied and got accepted to Wesleyan thinking they had an architecture major. Kinda found out they only have art history now. Wish I could go but… :blush:

Are you completely stranded? Where are you going to go?