Wesleyan Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Wesleyan University offers Early Decision but does not offer Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Fall 2022 admission Early Decision (ED) deadline for Wesleyan is November 15.

All ED1 applications should receive an admissions decision by December 15. Last year, Wesleyan admitted 409 of the 1,102 applicants who applied early decision. The acceptance rate was 37.11%.

For more information visit the Wesleyan University page on College Confidential.

See updates and discuss results with other Wesleyan applicants.

Are you planning to apply early to Wesleyan University? Why Wesleyan? What questions do you have about applying early? Comment in the thread below.

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Who else has applied ED? The decision date is so close I’m terrified. But also exicted.


hey! i did :slight_smile: im so stressed haha i feel like im just not going to get any sleep before they release

Do you know when decisions will be released and how they will be communicated? The info above says “by December 16” but we have also heard December 11.

Meant to say “by December 15”.

from what i’ve seen in years past (the last two years) they have released the saturday before the 15th at around 3pm, which should be this saturday the 11th


Thank you, and best of luck to you!

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Wesleyan admissions has confirmed that decisions will be communicated 12/11

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any specific time?

Email from Wesleyan said “the afternoon.” That’s all I know. Guidance counselor received an email from Wes this morning.

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thank you so much, i’m glad it’s finally confirmed!

I think it’s supposed to be 3:00 pm, but that’s just my speculation.

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thank u for this thread. i applied ed1 to wes as well, and had no idea when the decision would be released. good luck to everyone!

By all accounts, it’s has been a particularly competitive ED1 cycle. This is a space for successful candidates to decompress, process and maybe even celebrate a little. Tell us anything you’d like about yourselves (although, we’re all dying to know your stats!)


hey fellow wes class of 2026! i’d like to start off with that i’m over the moon to be going to wesleyan, and i can’t wait to meet everyone. i’m also glad to know where i’m going and just getting excited about new opportunities and classes and everything i’ve loved about wes since i toured. i’m also just in a state of shock and happiness about getting into my top choice and i feel like i haven’t had the opportunity to fully process it yet haha (especially considering how nervous i was ever since i submitted my application).

ok so some background about me (and my stats lol):
I’m from Wilmington Delaware, and I go to the top highschool in my state (it is a charter school, not a private, but i am still privileged to go to a school that carries weight in admissions decisions, and by being in such a small state.) I’m white, female, gay, and do not play any sports, though i participate in competitve marching band. My interests are in government and environmental studies in terms of academics. In terms of personal interests, i love music (phoebe bridgers and taylor swift are my favs), jewelry, crafts, and writing.


  • 4.41 weighted GPA, 3.9 unweighed
  • NO TEST SCORES SUBMITTED (which i worried about initially but it seems to have worked out!) but i got a 1340. not bad ofc, but not wes good, yk?
  • 6 AP’s, three last year and three this year. 4 on Bio, 4 on APUSH, and 5 on Lang. this year i am in APES, US Gov, and Lit.
  • All honors classes except a sophomore elective in international relations
  • teacher recs from my international relations teacher who i am a Teacher Assistant for and my AP Lang teacher (two humanities)

Extracurriculars/Activities on my commonapp:

  • Marching band for 5 years (trumpet), indoor drumline for 5 years (section leader), Youth in Government state champion/state leader and national finisher for Judicial, Model UN leader, Envirothon forestry representative, LGBTQ student union leader, HS Democrats president, small business owner (i make and sell jewelry, moreso over covid when everything was cancelled), and summer camp counselor! (typing that out makes it seem like a lot… phew)
  • My essay was about growing up catholic and gay, and coming to terms with my self identity and how that affected my appreciation of education and self expression. i spent the most time on this part of the application, and it was very personal to me.

also: i applied for financial aid. the main reason i was able to apply ED to wes was because of their amazing aid, i was in shock (in a good way) when i saw that the cost of college as wesleyan would be CHEAPER than my state school (even after state school merit) which i thought would never ever be possible. I wouldn’t be able to go without the aid.

So there you go! that’s a lot about me haha. again, i can’t wait to meet everyone and am beyond excited to go to wes!


Congratulations, Michaela! You sound like a super addition to the Wesleyan community.

Anyone else?

Hi! I’m an ED2 Wes applicant going test optional with two humanities recs, so safe to say your post has made me feel better. I wanted to ask, did you have a chance to interview with Wes and how did it go? I interviewed and I think it went really well so I am hoping that helps get me in!

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hey!! i’m glad it helped someone :slight_smile: yes, i did interview! i wasn’t sure if it went well at the time, but it seems to have gone ok haha. i talked about my school and class dynamic and went into detail about my clubs and my roles in the clubs, and asked my interviewer about her experience at wes and about the school. it was a senior interviewer, not an alumni, but from what i’ve seen it doesn’t matter which kind you get (and that they hold equal weight). good luck!! sending you good vibes

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