i think what they mean is that if you don’t get accepted, you will only get an online letter, whereas if you do get accepted, you get both an online letter and something in the mail

I was told by an athletic coach decisions will be out by Friday.

Per my most above, I am not sure if this is for all students. The December 6th release date may be for athletes and other groups etc. I also have the Common Data Set that was referenced which may help alleviate some stress for some of you!


Im a verbal commit as well and I wasn’t told this hopefully that is the case though

UPDATE: @BReus The coach has told me decisions will be out early next week. My counselor spoke to a dean who, as of today, have begun reading NE applicants, mostly prep-schools. He is saying it will be MONDAY! Hope everyone is doing well!

Hi! My counselor called and they said it would be the 14th! However, I would not be surprised if it came out earlier, as last year they were released on the 8th.

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yo karl

yes please!

My daughter just had an email from admissions asking for some updated information. The email says that decisions will be released on December 14.

Pretty sure I got the same email, the 14th it is!

@lookingwest and/or @goodjobkeepitup, if you don’t mind my asking, was the email something that those admitted (next week) likely received, or was it more of a specific request for specific additional or missing information? I’m asking because my student didn’t get an updated email, but in the past when my son was admitted to another school, he got a request in advance for additional financial aid information. Just wondering if the request was specific to your application or your student, or if it might mean something more? Sorry to speculate! Best of luck to everyone!!!

My daughter’s email was asking for her most recent transcript (which had already been submitted!), so I don’t think it’s indicative of an admission decision.

Thanks, that makes sense! Good luck to everyone!

Mine was also about receiving quarter one grades. It’s nice to know that they will be looking at them, though.

I have been told that they might be coming out tonight. Has anyone else heard this?

where did you hear that they might be coming out tonight?

I really do not think that this is true. There have been multiple sources saying it is this Saturday. They sent out emails 2 days ago asking for additional information for a lot of applicants.

The email last Friday about quarter grades could just be admissions requesting an update from the applicants they’ve already decided to accept…just a thought. That email said 14th but multiple have heard today so maybe possible. Also athletic coaches usually have inside info on the letters, so the fact that one said around today counts for something…

SailAway24 where did you here this?

I think my parents told my grandmother it would be today, who in turn texted me good luck with the decision. I would guess that my college advisor has reached out to my parents with that information.

They of course probably didn’t mean for that info to get to me as they try to keep all the students out of the loop regarding what will come out when to prevent students from procrastinating until those times regarding studying for exams which start this week.

It is also possible that someone in admissions reached out to my parents directly.

In either scenario, I doubt that my parents would have told my grandmother a date unless they were told by someone with more info.

Does anyone know around what time they would come out?