I am applying ED to Wesleyan, noticed there was no thread, so wanted to start one.
Anyone else?

@foodieforlife I just verbally committed for the ED round through an athletic slot, good luck and hope to see you in the fall! Keep me updated!

That’s awesome! Congratulations!!!
I’ll be applying in a few days, I really hope I get in.

ahh!! me too, I submitted my app a week ago & I’m super anxious to hear back & I keep on checking my portal (even though I know I won’t hear back for another 7ish weeks)

Have people had ed interviews yet?

Californians “in affected areas” where wildfires have been taking their toll on families, may have their application deadlines extended to Nov. 22nd:


Hi! I applied ED last month. by any chance does anyone know when the decision will be out?

the website says they will be out mid december!!! so probably Dec. 13-16

last year it was on the 8th and the previous year decisions came out on the 15th, so I think it’ll either be the 7th or the 14th

Won’t it be between the week of the 9th to the 15th with 15th being the latest?
What are all of your interests?

Don’t they usually release it on a Friday or on the weekend? I’m interested in a whole bunch of areas: American Studies, International Relations, and Biology. What about you?

Heyy! I don’t think it depends on the day it gets released.
Oh cool! Mine are Government, History, International Relations, Theater, and Gender Studies and Econ :slight_smile:

im interested in government, history, film, and sociology.

Hello peeps, I applied to Wes ED1 and I’m super interested in math, physics, film, and philosophy. On this late night college-process-induced data science rampage I came across something that might help ya’ll’s admissions anxiety with some cold hard facts.

May I present to you the Wesleyan University Common Data Set for 2018-19–this is a marvelous collections of charts and numbers that Wes makes for internal stuff and some other things and it has super interesting stuff on it. You can find concrete admissions priorities (which I found to be kinda dystopian in a weird way) in section C7, acceptance rate for gender (which raises a lot of pretty interesting things) in section C1, super accurate standardized testing stats in section C9, and some more cool things in the fine fine print of college admissions.

Tell me what you think my fellow EDers, I can’t wait to have my dreams crushed in two weeks!

So nervous for this stuff to come out. The time has been flying sort of but hopefully we find out soon. I wish there was a concrete date.

exactly! it’s so nerve-wracking knowing that decisions could come out at any moment next week

Hey guys. I’m applying ED to Wesleyan and agggh I’m so nervous about not knowing when the date is. Do they send out an email to specify which day it is, or should we just keep refreshing the portal? Ready to cry!

Hey everyone. Not sure if this is supposed to be kept quiet, but according to an email I received from Wes after being admitted through QuestBridge, ED notifications will be sent out on December 14th around 3 pm EST. Good luck guys!

thanks sm and congrats on getting admitted!! hope to see you in the fall!

But I thought (according to their website as well) that you’re only notified via the WesPortal if you are waitlisted, denied, or deferred. It says that if you were admitted you’d get something mailed to you. This is all based on their website please don’t attack me <3. I am also anxiously awaiting to see if I got accepted.