Wesleyan party scene

Hi all!
I was recently reading about some changes in the wesleyan party scene. Are there still a good amount of parties for an incoming freshman. What do wesleyan kids usually do on weekends? Thanks for your help it is much appreciated

Well, the college has just completed a semester during COVID-19. They did pretty well; nearly 90% enrollment and the cumulative positivity rate was .07 %.

What this entailed was a complete clampdown on in-door parties and large gatherings out of doors. So, I’m assuming you mean, what was it like pre-COVID and will it be like that by next Fall.

Pre-COVID, Wes was pretty lively despite being hampered by the fallout with Deke over the issue of coeducating the house. Psi U certainly seemed active on weekends but probably not enough to fill in the vacuum left by DKE.

Fortunately, the campus has never been totally dependent on Greek life. Wesleyan attracts more than its share of musicians and show-runners, and, the physical plant has always been blessed with performance spaces both large and small.

In addition, a large percentage of upper-classmen live in ordinary housing stock owned and maintained by the college. Even in the midst of COVID it was possible for residents to kick back and have parties among themselves. Hopefully, by next Fall, things will have relaxed enough for people to “Party On Fountain (Avenue)” once again.

As an addendum to the above, this 2019 article is a pretty good picture of the status quo ante COVID party scene at Wesleyan: The Wesleyan Argus | ResLife Touts Success Following Wood-Frame Town Hall